Airport transfers


If you have an early-morning departure, we’ve often found a good deal for staying overnight the previous night at (I think) the Gatwick Holiday Inn and getting a parking deal thrown in. Works out very well and avoids the stress of worrying about the M23 first thing in the morning.

Alternatively, Forest Hill platform 2 to East Croydon, then change platforms for the service to Gatport Airwick. Easier with less luggage and fewer kids, admittedly, but it’s another option!


@Bolgerp is a fan of this route. But I’ve heard this connection won’t be possible with the proposed Southern route/timetable changes?


:flushed: Oh wow. Didn’t know!


Agree… if you’re travelling outside of rush hour with minimal luggage, this is really easy… and much faster than getting a taxi/driving…


You would have to change at Norwood Junction instead which has no step free access. But I think also in the consultation some Thameslink trains would stop at Norwood Junction so it’s still 1 change. Or 2 changes if you want to go to East Croydon.


Word is that Southern won’t go ahead with that proposal anyway.


Thanks to the comments, I’ve just returned from a weekend away and used British Airport Transfers to Gatwick - very pleased. Thanks!


For some reason the taxi fare from London City Airport is almost twice the price as the taxi fare to London City Airport. That is certainly the case with AddLee and British Airport Transfers my preferred choices for LHR and LGW.

Anyone have some advice on cheaper pick ups at LCY? Has anyone tried getting an Uber from there?

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I used to do this trip on a regular basis, coming back from City airport to Honor Oak in an uber at approx 7.30pm would cost me between £20-25


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Coming home from London City airport is the one time I’ll use public transport. So quick. But I suppose it depends on the amount of luggage you have and the time of day.


Thanks. That’s half of what I’m getting quoted for a timed pick-up. Do you have to wait long?


Because of when you’re arriving and the fact it’s holiday time, I suspect there will be surge pricing too!


It’s always been almost twice as much regardless of the time of year or time of arrival.




Maybe because they are guaranteed to pick up a fare after dropping you off at City, but not the other way round?


I think there are much higher parking fees which are added onto the fare. Anyways, I’ll try my hand at an Uber on the day.


I have a problem with Forest Hill Cars as drivers talk hands free on their mobiles most of the time whilst driving. Had a very bad experience recently with a pick up from the airport.