Aldi to take on former Toys 'R Us store in Bell Green [Opening in 2019]


I think they excavated under railway bridges many years ago to allow double-decker trams to go underneath. Presumably they could do the same at Bell Green.

If they’ve allowed the bloody horrendous McDonald’s there I can’t see them blocking Aldi. At least the river, park and surrounding roads won’t be covered in Aldi litter.

And it’s a retail park. The idea and highway design is for traffic to go there to do ‘drive to’ shopping rather than blocking high streets with crawling traffic and cars circling to find parking.

I for one would love to have an Aldi there.


Brilliant! A decent supermarket in the area!

McDonalds (or a restaurant) was always allowed in the plans (agreed many years ago). Along with retail shops and some business units. Another food shop was not in the plans, hence the need for change of use.

Your comments about traffic seem to completely misunderstand the pollution levels in the area, affecting at least one primary school, and the council’s own admission that the roads are already above capacity. Aldi will create far more car journeys than Toys R Us ever did.

It’s odd that you are concerned about litter, but not the air you are breathing. The pollution you can’t see is the stuff that is killing you.


Not sure I understand this. Usually, it works like this:

Land owner applies for planning.
Homes get built.
Homes get sold.
Developer makes loads of profit.

I can’t see the financial problem.

Not sure developerswould be queuing up to pay Currys, Next, Halfords etc for the unexpired parts of their leases as well as the landlords for the land. In any case, since most of the owners of the new houses would probably be car owners, i don’t see how this would solve the pollution problem.

I daresay housing would generate fewer journeys than Sainsbury’s on a Sunday and councils are able to place limits on parking, if they wish. Many car free residential schemes being built in London. Admittedly, this doesn’t prevent people owning cars, but it does make it less attractive if parking is limited.

I don’t know what the lease terms are or what is written into contracts, so can’t really comment on compensation. But I’d imagine you are allowed to control you land with notice periods. It’s happening all over London. Up in Lewisham the Carpet Right site is being redeveloped. Next to it the site with Mothercare etc is also being redeveloped. Mothercare has already gone.

I’m not sure these are actually obstacles at all and if they are, they seem to involve costs to private indiividuals or large companies, set against huge profits.

I misunderstood… you want to get rid of Sainsbry’s as well and build on the entire site? Blimey…that would be some development, and some congestion too

Terminating a lease depends on the terms of the lease. Also if the lease is within the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, it may be renewed at the end of the lease.

Thanks for that. I think it’s irrelevant, though, as it’s never going to happen (fortunately in my view)

A drive-through takeaway’s generated litter and the air we breathe are entirely unrelated issues. So it is odd that you wrote this.

An Aldi will not bring swarms of new traffic to the area as there is already another one less than 2 miles away in Catford not to mention two Lidl stores within a few hundred metres of the proposed new one. Instead it will mean everyone who does live round Sydenham and Bell Green won’t have to drive two additional polluting miles across Catford to get to an Aldi if they want to as there will be one nearby. A nearby one that is also close to several other retail park type shops that they may or may not shop at in the same visit (unlike Catford Aldi.) Or does the rest of Lewisham not matter as far as pollution goes?

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I’d rather it was Lidl way better than Aldi IMHO

I will either walk there or catch the bus.

Planners announced their decision today:

It looks like the locals on se26 dot life are less than happy about the possibility of Aldi taking over the store due to its likely negative effect on local traffic. I feel slightly bad because I am overwhelmingly excited about it! Head to Aldi, sneaky double cheeseburger at MCDonalds, pick up some new sneaks at Sports Direct then pet some bunnies at Pets at Home all before jumping in my pollution mobile and driving back to se23.


Given this application has now been granted and there is more A1 grocery retailing in Bell Green, it would be incredible for the planning inspector to allow more A1 grocery retailing next door. Certainly the cumulative impact on high streets would be even more detrimental and goes against national planning guidance. However, it would be wrong to assume that the correct decision will be made or that the inspector takes account of changing local realities when considering this application in isolation.

There are so many better uses for this site than a third supermarket within spitting distance.

Does anyone have any further information as to the timeline, here? What’s “next steps”?