ALKEMI store Forest Hill - Opening Date April 14th

Hello everyone in Forest Hill and beyond in SE23!

I am so excited to introduce myself here. My name is Jeane and I have been running the ALKEMI store in Nunhead from October 2017. I am so happy to have this opportunity to let you know we are branching out to Forest Hill(the other side to the Perry Vale) starting from April 14th(Wednesday).

Some of you might have seen the shop front already with long list of the things we will have in the store. We aim to showcase items from Korea, Japan and Scandinavian countries serving you with nice, long lasting products, ‘Beautiful Objects for Everyday Life’. :smiley:

We will have a few opening events planned, so will update you through here very soon.

Thank you for your warm welcome and I really look forward to meeting you all very soon!

Meanwhile have a lovely weekend and keep safe!

Jeane Chung
ALKEMI store
'Beautiful Objects for Everyday Life"


Welcome. I’m looking forward to checking you out!


What is your address?

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Hello Lara,

It’s 2a Westbourne Drive. It’s right next to Westbourne Cafe on the corner, so you won’t miss it! : )

Hope to see you there some time soon!

Jeane @ ALKEMI store

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Thank you! Your nickname made me play Bowie playlist today! : )

Look forward to seeing you in the store!

Jeane @ ALKEMI store


And your shop’s ony about 3 miles away from Beckenham where Bowie lived in 1970, so his music seems to resonate particularly well in these parts.

Good luck with your new shop - it’s another one that will help to develop that side of the station and support its other great new additions as well as Forest Hill’s jewell, the fabulous FINCHES.


:rofl: Perhaps not best time to say my nom de plume originates from this.


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Hello John,

Thank you for the tip. I didn’t know Beckenham is so close to Forest Hill! : )

As for Finches, we share the blue theme! I have been admiring their Blue shop awnings. : D Shall definitely pop in and say hello.

Have a nice evening and hope to see you sometime soon!!!

Jeane @ ALKEMI store

LOL The film looks awesome! The young Jeff Bridges looks rather dashing! : D

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Hi and welcome to Forest Hill :blush:
I am really looking forward to stopping by to browse :grin:
Do you have an opening time for the 14th and also rough idea of other days and times?
I spotted something in the window tonight, on my way home from work (before 6pm) as my bus passed you by (saw your activity inside also) that I really liked the look of so itching to find out more and see more also :+1:


Just found out more information and some answers to my questions above, via a quick Google of Alkemi, Forest Hill :clap:
The Alkemi website (for both stores) is Here

PS more importantly, I know more details about the item I spotted that I really like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hello Sue,

My apologies for the late reply. I haven’t had any chance yet to log on here.

Glad you found the shop info! : ) I am curious which item it’d be. Let me know when you are in and I’d love to see if my guess was correct! : D

Have a lovely evening & hope to see you very soon!
Jeane @ ALKEMI store

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