[All Gone] Stuff

I have some things that are just sat gathering dust. Happy to give them away for free should anyone have a better home for them.

Take the lot, take one thing, take nothing - collect from near Camberwell New Cemetery

[Gone] Item 1 - An Encore Electo-Accoustic Guitar.

I have others, this one doesn’t get played anymore. I bought it from Argos in 1999 with my first pay packet. I’m not sentimental. It would be better in the hands of someone who wants to pick up the guitar. £0

[Gone] Item 2 - An Ultrasport F Bike.

Bought at the beginning of last lockdown. Used for one week. Who am I kidding? I was lazy before, I’ll continue to be lazy afterward. Yours for princely sum of £0.00

[Gone] Item 3 - Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner.

It’s about 5 years old, still works, but we’ve got another one. Appearence: worn. Price: Free.

[Gone] Item 4 - A pair of Sony MDR-ZX770BN headphones.

Noise cancelling, bluetooth. No charger, but uses micro USB, so pretty ubiquitous. They’ve been sat unloved on the side for a year. Best price I can do for these is £0


I’d love the bike in exchange for a bottle of wine?

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That’s a very kind offer, but not necessary, just pay it forward. But, sure - yours if you want it! :slight_smile:

Awesome! I can’t work out how to DM you but if you can DM me your address I can pop over and collect whenever suits. :slight_smile:

I’d love the headphones if they are still available please.

All yours! Will DM my address

Thanks very much. I’m the other side of “the Hill” in Crofton Park. I’ll come and pick them up whenever’s suitable for you.
Kind regards

Would love the cordless vacuum if its still available? Thanks

All yours! Will DM

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Hello! I’d be interested in the guitar if its still available?

All yours! Will DM

Wonderful! Thank you

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