All Inn One added to council’s “Local List” for protection


Announced yesterday:

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  • the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church on Dacres Road
  • 22-34, Segal Close, off Brockley Park (which is off Brockley Rise). Walter Segal self-build houses (not to be confused with Walters Way off Honor Oak Road).
  • 53 Honor Oak Road (“understood to be an early conversion to flats by the pioneering Ted Christmas”)
  • Kilmorie Primary School, Kilmorie Road
  • 89-91 Kirkdale (weather boarded cottages dating from 1820)
  • Prince of Wales pub, 52 Perry Vale
    [NB: in this document the All Inn One on Perry Vale is still referred to as The Forresters Arms]
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Is this a different process to how a building becomes a Listed Building?

I’ve never heard of the ‘Local List’, or that nominations were being sought. Anyone else?

They’re different, with a different set of rules for the building when it’s listed but with a similar principle behind them. Proper listing is done by Historic England (formerly English Heritage). Local listing is where the Council can decide that a building should have some additional recognition of merit. Anyone can nominate them and the Conservation planning people will check them against the criteria. When I worked for local government (not Lewisham), there used to be occasional calls for more nominations.

More here:
And Lewisham’s own stuff is here: