All Overground ticket offices (including Sydenham and Forest Hill) to be closed



That’s a very valid point that will have to be carefully thought of and I’m sure it is on top of TfL’s agenda of things to consider. I believe the station will still be manned so there is assistance available with the machines so the process for the customer doesn’t really change - other than the staff will be standing next to you rather than behind a wall of glass. Still much better than for other modes such as DLR for instance. TfL now had years with Underground to test this approach and had it not been successful I don’t think they would have rolled it out further.


There are still some issues with some products that need ticket office assistance.

Railcards such as Network, Young Persons etc, along with longer than one period season tickets and photocards for them. Also travel vouchers can’t be redeemed at a machine.


This is a shame, the people at Brockley station are so nice. We should let TfL know as these people are part of our community and we should care about them too.


I think it is a standard for stations with the Overground (TFL operated)that they will have staff whenever they are open.


Indeed, it’s part of the concession agreement with Arriva Rail London who operate London Overground that all stations are staffed from first train to last.

I’ve been at FH off the last train from London Bridge and a member of staff is at the gateline, ready to lock up the ticket office.