(All Taken) For Sale BrewDog Beer

We got married yesterday, and have a lot of beer left over (roughly 600). There is only so much beer that we can actually drink, so we are putting up for sale.

They are a mixture of Pale Ale, Lager and Nanny State alcohol free. They come in 4 packs, £0.50 per can.

The best before dates vary, with most being use before Jan/Feb next year. But a few of the Pale Ales are use by end of November.

We are in Forest Hill, collection only please.

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Is it possible to get 10 of the lost lager crates and 10 of the pale ale crates? Happy to pick up tonight or tomorrow evening if possible.


Absolutely Rhys. My number is 07578236560 if you’d like to drop me a note through that and we’ll arrange the details.


Hi Tolga.
Do you have 100 Lost Lagers left? If so my husband would like those, I can get him to text you directly :slight_smile:
Thanks, Nadia

Hi Nadia. I’m afraid we only have Pale Ale left; would he be interested in those? We have about 60 of them left

Ah shame… he’s not so keen on Pale Ale, but not to worry!

We’ll take the 60 pale ale if you have them?


Hi Cosmo. I’m really sorry but you’ve just been pipped to the post. We only have Nanny State (alcohol free) beers left now.

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Oh no worries - thanks anyway!