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Then it’s time for beer in a pint time. Hate to waste beer but most pubs will give you the slops. Glass in the ground every meter round your plot half full of beer. Slugs love it. Empty every week because if you leave it longer the smell will kill you. RE the carrot fly, sadly a barrier to around two feet seems the only prevention.


Yes, we need to get a fork was tough going with the spade!


I always use a fork for weeding - so much easier to get bindweed and couch grass out as you are not cutting the roots with the spade all the time. I even use a nice small lady’s fork and the chairman keeps taking the pish!

I once collected about 100 snails form the garden and left them in a bucket of salty water, in the garage, for a week or so. Damn that was fruity.


@Cara - I may be wrong but I think we are allotment neighbours. We are just by the skip and 2 plots east of the enormous fire area and my wife thinks you are just north of the fire?
Went down yesterday and it was very quiet. I suspect the fact that the soil was frozen solid may have played a part in that! We did get some tiding up done though and we are off down there again in a mo. Such a friendly place - the chairman left about 20 strawberry plants out for us!
I will have a few spare chilli plants going if anyone wants one or two. My resolution to only have one or two this year has gone south rapidly as I potted up 20 yesterday with at least 8 more to go!


Was great meeting you both earlier. Back home warming up now - smelling somewhat of bonfire which we will have to get used to!


Peppers and Chillis are doing well considering. Always go early with the hot/long season ones.

Sowed a few Red Alert and Sub Arctic Plenty - both really early toms. The Sub Arctic are new to me so I’ll see how they go but the Red Alert are my standard toms - should get a few fruit in June in the tunnel.
I may pop down the plot but I figure the soil is probably still frozen so getting onion sets in may be hard!


To lock or not to lock? (The shed)


I have never bothered @Cara but then I never had much of value in the shed.
I think that if someone wants in to a shed then they are going in regardless and if there is a lock there is more chance of damage. Virtually none of the sheds on my site are locked and we have little trouble but KHLA are a bit more in the public eye.


for me, its a padlock on the front, and hinge bolts too so they can’t just unscrew the hinges and get in. We had a spate of shed thefts at the allotment one year. It’s only tools to lose really, but I think if your shed is reasonably secured then opportunist thieves- and it’s usually kids- will go and mess about with someone else’s stuff instead. A more determined or person with a crowbar will get into a shed whatever you do though…


I don’t have a shed yet - still need to build it! But when I do I will have a lock.

I’ve read conflicting advice about whether to have one or not, but will take a similar view to Thor and have one. If someone wants to get in ultimately they will, but a small deterrent might be enough for some.

I’ve not been to the allotment in 3 weeks now at least - need to try and get there Sunday though the weather looks decidedly unpromising!


I might suggest OH gets one for her plot if we end up keeping a few tools down there as the cost of replacing them is quite considerable.
Weather hasn’t been conducive for much recently and this weekend is a write off too as I am sorting out my Dad’s house. Hope to get something done on Sunday even if it just sowing a few seeds indoors.


We initially put one on but were wondering If it was necessary as not much in shed to take vs potential damage but will leave it with lock for now.

Planted some more chilli seeds on window above radiator so will see if have any luck but probably not consistent enough for them.
5 hours up at the allotment last Sunday though you wouldn’t be able to tell!


I think if you have nothing in the shed there is an argument for not locking it - it’s hard to know. I asked and was told the site was generally pretty good in terms of problems like this, but as Nick said it is relatively open.

All I know with these things, if you always wish you’d done it the other way after the fact!


Suppose we will store more as we go along and did buy a good fork following the advice so I’d be annoyed if someone wandered off with that.


Still can’t tell if spring has arrived but I have started sowing seeds in earnest now.
Cabbage, kohl rabi, broccoli, peas, basil, some toms (more at the weekend), celery, celeriac and a few other bits and bobs. Window sill looking very congested and the ploy tunnel starting to fill up nicely.
I just wish my plot was a bit more advanced though as it is still a sticky clay mess. Got a few broad beans in on the OH’s plot, garlic and onions coming on nicely.
Just waiting on some decent weather now but the weekend looks dull.


I just experienced what can only be described as sleet on Forest Hill station.

Happy Easter


I went last Sunday and got some potatoes in, as well as some garlic, shallots and onions I’d hoped to get in sooner. Been really constrained by time so far - going to have to plan this better next year. Have so much to get going from seeds.

Did have some help on Sunday though!


Shannon’s Garden Centre have tomato plants in stock, including some grafted ones. Picked one grafted one to try (Shirley). I also got some non-grafted tomato plants in, to see how they fare against the ones I have planted, and in case I am too late with some.

I’ve had a busy weekend of planting seeds in degradable pots which hopefully I will be able to plant straight into the ground, assuming they come up. Some heritage tomatoes, pumpkins, french beans, carrots, swan gourds, cucumbers, cucuamelon, sunflowers and cosmos - more to do this week and weekend. Will try the peas now, in pots as it’s getting so late.

I did go to the allotment last night to plant my peas straight in the ground, but ended up weeding instead :frowning: . Still the onions are showing some signs of life!

How is everyone else getting on?


Well I potted up my 60 tomatoes yesterday to go with the other 20 or so already done. So I may have a spare or two if you if anyone else needs some. Black Krim, Shirley, Tumbling Red Stripe, Super mama, Big daddy, Green Zebra, Beefsteak and a coupld of other varieties should give me a nice range!
parsnips have gone in in OH’s plot with some onions, garlic and beetroot. Strawberries seem to be taking root and the raspberries are just shooting. The currants and gooseberries we moved also seem to be flourishing.
I did plant some peas that I test sowed into some biodegradable bags but I haven’t been back to see how they are going but not overly hopeful!
It isn’t too late Al! Plenty of time and some of the old crew down my plot havent really got going yet. Late sowings of carrots seem to do better and it is still early for beans, squash etc.
My plot is unbearable to work on at the mo. Some bits are fine but it is so wet and the clay so sticky that it is impossible to do much good on. One good thing is my overwintered Broad Beans which are in flower so I should be good for an ealry crop and I still have some chard to add to salads along with lambs lettuce which has self seeded everywhere. First spuds are poking through in the poly and the weather looks set to improve so I am hoping my energy levels return and I can find some time to get to the plot(s) which is proving difficult atm.

Anyone else got much done yet?


Was up there today with some half term helpers. Still weeding and digging mostly but let them put in a few of the tomatoes that have been growing from seed (have a few back ups to go in later if these fail) and started digging a bed for possibly asparagus. ![IMG_6342|375x500]

will try get back up again before head back to work next week. So much grass!