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My gardener swears by Nemaslug. I just had my first box arrive in the post and they are now resting in the refrigerator until tomorrow.


Nemaslug, beer traps, manually squishing, pellets - still lose out to them.


Read about that, people say it works , i should try it :+1: Thank you!


Few years ago, when got the allotment, there were tones of them. But once strarted regularly using pellets across the whole patch, not just where plants are, there are much less of them in comparison what we had before.


My wife’s plot seems virtually free of them! So far we have not used a pellet and I have only seen a few snails hiding under an old pallet. So it looks like all the tender stuff will go down there. Maybe it is because we are a bit isolated and the soil is very dusty but so far so very good.

My only issue with nemaslug is that you are supposed to do it every 6 weeks so it can be expensive…


Any tips on dealing with snails, which I find more of a pest than slugs, and last time I checked there were no nematodes available for targetting snails?


Garlic butter?


Try the same slug pellets, those critters are of similar type. Should work.


Question. I bought some spuds to grow in those fabric potato planters. They probably should’ve been planted out by end of March/beginning of April. Could I still plant them now? Or should I head to Shannons for some more age appropriate taters?


Yes as far as I know nematodes have a minimal effect on snails.
Beer traps are quite effective but are pretty icky and need constant topping up.
Pellets do work but some don’t like them for the effects on frogs and birds etc. You can get “organic” ones!
Physical barriers and the like work but are hard as you need to keep applying or they can be expensive Copper Tape or Wool based are available.
One easy method is to provide a nice area for snails to overnight - a slightly raised sheet of plastic or similar. Then you have to dispose of them!
I have found that having chickens is a good way to get rid of them and they also give you eggs. However they seem to east exactly what the slugs\snail like too.
Encouraging frogs by the use of a pond is great but not easy. See also Hedgehogs.

I only put mine in last week. What variety are they?
"Early"spuds just means they don’t take as long to form so you should still be fine just wont have them as early as you could…


Can’t remember. I’ll come back to you on that later. I’ve been very focused on specific projects when I have time so potatos kept getting pushed back. But a window has opened between supporting Dartmouth Road shops tomorrow and Eurovision Song Contest final so will try and get these planted.


Have I missed something - is this some sort of event??


Not so much an event but a happening. Officially no start or end date/time but all the cool kids are doing it.


Your plot looks very nice! I hope to get it near that in a few years.

For now mine is still too overgrown over too much of it, going to get a strimmer to try and keep things in check and maybe cover the parts I won’t get round to this year.

It’s been a steep learning curve the first 4 months and for next year I hope to have the ground ready much much earlier.

I’ve got sweetcorn in, some French beans, potatoes are coming up nicely, onions doing ok, peas not looking so good but may get better.

Need to pay out soon stuff I’ve been growing at home from seed : pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, melons and various others!

Have discovered I have lots of bindweed which is disappointing!


As we got to the end of our plot it got increasingly worse. Lots of bind weed, almost a thick mat of roots, mares tail and couch grass - so we have slowed down a bit with ours and may have to cover and plant squash through the last 1/4…
Still despite it being an odd start to the season we have got a lot on - all from seed except for celery which got cripsyfied in the poly tunnel!
So toms are all in, all 50 or so of them, beans, celery, celariac, carrots, parsnips, spuds, onions, garlic, courgettes, shallots, raspberries, starwberries, blackcurrants, blackberry, gherkins, kale, cabbage, broccoli, brussels, kohl rabi, lettuce, broadies, cucumbers and much more waiting to go out - the back garden looks like a nursery at the moment. Still have had first pickings of lettuce, radish, BBs, rocket and overwintered chard.
The slugs on my plot are a nightmare and after last night they will all be out and despite nematodes, beer traps, pellets and the dance of death they seem to be more numerous than ever… Still I just keep planting more seeds in the vague hope they will give up and OHs plot is pretty free from the buggers.

This weekend is going to be a big one for getting lots more stuff in - ground is wet, the temps are good and it is a long weekend so I’ll be out with my spade and fork!


I want to cover a weedy area until I make a plan for it. Does anyone recommend any particular type of membrane / covering?


Can I get my weekly veg box order in with you now?


You basically have a choice between
The classic cardboard - beloved of many a spendthrift gardener. It works fine, looks horrible unless covered, will rot quickly and blow away. However it is free and used by a lot of the no-dig garden crowd.
Plastic sheeting - works really well but is impermeable so the ground dries out.
Proper weed suppressing membrane - comes in a variety of flavours and does what it says on the tin. Shannons sell the latter in packs. Still needs a bit of waiting down…


Thanks Nick.

Here’s another question: can anyone identify the foamy spittle substance on my strawberry plant?

Please see attached picture


Cuckoo Spit

a white frothy liquid secreted by the nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a froghopper but nothing to do with cockoos or frogs!