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First of the year - had them minted and buttered


Hi Nick - similar for me though in my case my first ever ones - I have left them all there to show the ones that came up too early, but the kids were there so we said we’d take the whole plants up. Not cooked ours yet though.

Also got a load more strawberries and we took some ice cream down to have with them!! Effectively ate 1 pots worth and had more to bring home.


The potatoes look great.

So long since we’ve had rain, it must be close to becoming an official drought.

Any suggestions for planting in the next few weeks? I’m thinking of digging up my strawberries as they have spread and take up a lot of space, and the squirrels and slugs take a lot.

I’ve got a few chard seeds started indoors, which will go out in a few days. I planted some last year and they survived through the winter, producing leaves, but now have bolted.


I’m not sure, it’s my first year so I may not be the best for advice.

I am going to see if I can plant some more peas.

I guess you can plant lots of stuff from garden centres, but if you mean growing stuff from seed I’m not sure - might just be in time for sunflowers?

I might also try to plant some potatoes - someone told me you could plant some so they are ready for Xmas but I’m not sure how true this is!

Will let you know if I find anything.


I was just wondering what can be planted at this point in the season. It’s too late for many things. I have some beetroot seeds someone gave me, so I’m going to try those.


I don’t have a lot of experience and just my roof terrace (so growing in lots rather than an allotment), but I planted and harvested radishes throughout the summer last year.


Radish are good for a long season but there are other things you can get away with now.
Dwarf beans will still crop if planted now - I am going to do some today.
Turnips are great for a quick crop but don’t plant 20 at once like I did! There are some really nice varieties now.
Beetroot is good now too - esp the smaller round varieties.
Spring onions are great and dont take up much space…
Carrots, bulb fennel, all sorts of salad leaves and herbs like basil, dill, coriander and chervil and , kohl rabi, maybe peas but mange tout or sugar snaps are better, courgettes for a late crop works well, beet spinach or chard, oriental brassicas like pak choi, mizuma and mustard greens can crop well now.
You might also get away with cucumbers (small varieties like Diva) and gherkins although it is a gamble.


I might try and dig up the rest of my potatoes and plant some carrots. Unsure when to take my onions up.

My boys had their first peas off the pod this week which they loved.

Tomatoes, sweetcorn, dwarf beans are coming on nicely.

Can’t remember if I mentioned above but my plant labels washed out so some things I planted out appear to not be cucumbers but pumpkins or squashes of some sort!

First year trying cucamelons and the first ones should be ready soon - never tasted one so interested to see!


Just found this thread… here’s someone having a break on my kale.


And talking of growing things from seeds, here’s a Flame Tree that I grew from a seed that I picked up in the Carribean earlier this year.



Is that hardy - will it survive outside? Would be lovely to see it grow on


Lovely! How long does it take to mature and bear flowers? It is called Gulmohar in India and you find it everywhere.


I doubt it’s very hardy - may well have to come indoors unless I can find a sheltered spot for it. I’ve managed to get a second one going so I might split them 50/50 and see what works!


Honestly I have no idea how long it takes until it flowers! It’s a bit of an experiment :slight_smile:


So I think this is likely a pumpkin, swan gourd or possibly a melon? As it’s my first year growing all these I’m not sure after my label markings washed off.


Same issue - my “permanent” marker pens are anything but so I have no idea what variety my carrots, toms, squash etc are…
That isn’t a swan gourd and I would guess pumpkin over melon. To be honest though I have never grown a melon as they normally fail badly for everyone but I wish I had planted some this year as I am sure they would do well in this heat.


I’m going to be digging up quite a few strawberry plants, as I want the space for veg. Would anyone like these? They produced well, are a vigorous spreading variety, and have survived two winters in the ground.

Send me a PM if you’re interested.


So after giving some away, feeding some to the chucks, making a huge pot of soup and having some on kebabs last night - the courgette pile still isn’t under control. There are at least another 6 waiting to be picked today


Nice! I don’t have any yet though they are hopefully coming soon. I truly am showing my first year beginner status - I possibly have 2 plants that are courgettes, or maybe something else. I definitely have 3 courgette plants but they are still small as planted them late.

No tomatoes yet though single virtually there but looking good and much better than the ones I have in pots at home that I may move if I can.

Peas dying in the heat but sweetcorn looking good.

Dug up most of my shallots and onions and garlic quite happy with them.

Going to try and get some beans in now of all sorts, and plant some more cucamelons which my boys love.


So far I have picked one tomato but Debs has some cherry types of which a few are ready.
Your onions look good. I picked some shallots that I swear are smaller then I put in!

Just finished on my plot so now off to KHR to water and pick more courgettes… Blimey it’s hot!

Just picked 12 cucumbers that I didn’t know where there