Allotments available?




I am on an allotment list. Currently number 66, I am desperate to have one & have been no 66 for about 5 years! I wonder if anyone on here knows of any allotments going? Or if anyone is wanting to get rid of theirs? Do let me know & my green fingers can’t wait another 5 years!




It is incredibly hard to get a plot in London but there are ways and means to better your chances. However you can’t just take over someone else’s plot - if someone wants to let go of theirs then it goes to the next on the list.
You might, if you are lucky, find someone to share theirs but even then many sites will frown on this as it bypasses the list but it is essentially how I got mine.
Lewisham requires you to apply for specific sites (three max I think) and frankly it is almost pointless for most of them - My wife applied for one near us and the list was years long. One Tree Hill is pointless for example but you may find a site with a shorter list - you need to do some research on what plots have long lists.
Bromley plots however are all self managed and seem not to worry too much about where you live and Bromley starts at the back of Bell Green and you can apply to all of them if you want!. If you are willing to travel a bit there are several plots that are pretty local - a mate just walked on to one a few years back. Check here but forget about Kent House Leisure Gardens - massively over subbed.
Then there are a few privately managed sites like Barriedale Allotments (my site and I am on the committe) - we do have a waiting list a few years long and we never even advertise it. There may be others in the area.


Yes I applied via lewisham for 3 and 66 is my best position I’m no 123 & 186 for the others!! :sweat_smile: I will have a look into your suggestions thanks x


isn’t there some legislation that says that if enough people request an allotment then the local council has an obligation to provide the necessary land? probably not going to happen in London, but might be worth looking into.


Completely toothless unfortunately. This probably explains it better than I can but basically there is no time limit in which the council or parish has to act and the wording of the act is pretty woolly.


I just applied last week via Lewisham - how did you find out which position you were on for the ones you applied for? I only found a link to positions for 2015 plots.

I’ve also joined the waiting list for a few in Bromley - not Kent House Leisure Gardens - was going to but maybe not based on ForestHillNick’s post.


Hello everyone in the thread.

I have an allotment on Kent House lane, the one opposit the coach garage. It is not far from Forest hill, 356 bus goes straight there. I will find out how to register with them, to put the name on the list. We got it quite easy but it was long time ago, we went there on Sunday, filled up the forms and got it within one month. Therre are always allotment clearance every year cause people get one and find it hard to maintain (it is hard work). The management has to remove those people to let those on the list have opportunity to get a patch. Alternatively, come on Sunday between 10am and 1pm, one of the committee member should be there, ask them how to put your name on the list.


You can contact them here


I dont need an allotment, i have one. But you are not from ours cause i dont remember you (if it is your photo on profile). My guess, you are from the opposite site, there is another allotment site across the road from ours, but i dont know anything about that one though.


From my experience, the best way to visit an allotment site, speak to the committee members and go from there. Applying through councils channels is a waste of time.


I just emailed them and they sent me my position


Oh this is great!


Thank you


Yes I think it’s best for me to turn up I’m working Sunday so can’t come but perhaps the following Sunday?


Pls come yourself, tell them that the plot holder from 52a recommended the allotment site. I must admit, it is a good one, we have water, shop where u can get seeds and rent is very reasonable. It is the one by Integra and couch company, NOT the opposite to them site, at the end of the dead end road pass the football ground. The gates are usually open on Sundsays to walk in. You can pay for tractor service and they will plough the soil, saves digging by hand, can rent grass trimmer for £2 to trim the grass, it is all optional.


This is great and thank you for saying I can use you as a recommendation! I’ll come one Sunday as soon as xxx


Sorry replied to the wrong post but as I say above I am on the committee at an entirely different site.
My wife though is on the list for the Kent House Road site.

Bromley are all self managed aren’t they so you can’t go through the council anyway.


No problem))). I hope it will work out for you.))


I applied this way and gt a response so I think that works.


Hi there, I have a garden which I hardly use, full of brambles. You can use it free for a year as long as you keep it neat and clean, share some of the produce with me would be great! Contact me for a chat if you are interested. Regards Macy