Allotments available?

What good growing on our patch: beatroot, onion, cucambers, courgettes, carrot, corn, cabbage (any kind), potato, beans, even tomatoes (you just need to treat them regularly and start treatment early, some crops can be saved), kohlrabi… had difficulties with aubergine and peppers, but one small type of aubergine was successful.

Some people buy manure (u can order in the shop on site) and spread it all over the plot. We did once like that and had so much weed, so since then we feed plants only, not all over the patch.

The best practice for us is to pay some money to plough the patch with the tractor. We clean the grass and one of our managers comes on the tractor and turns the ground. Grow your own plant from seeds, it is cheaper and you know what you are growing. Trim the trees if you can to keep their branches at bay. I dont do it ‘professionally’, i just work on the plot because love and enjoy the proccess very much))


Thanks Kat - this is really helpful!

I also didn’t realise there was a tractor! Not sure how it would get to my corner though without taking out half the plots on the way there!

You are welcome))),

have a chat with our managers in the shop about the tractor, alternatively you can hire, for few pounds, a hand-held ‘plougher’(- i have not tried that one yet)) and do it yourself.


We arrived at around 10:45 on Sunday and I waved at someone leaving going in the opposite direction so maybe that was you.
My wife’s plot is number 83a which is down along the bottom edge directly down from the site hut - i think it is about 7.5 poles. The soil look amazing and we haven’t hit any clay yet so I hope that we can grow some stuff that simply won’t grow on my little plot.
Grapes - no. Although given the right variety I don’t see why not - someone grows then quite well on my plot but I think they do require a certain amount of attention and knowledge to grow.
Kiwis - I have killed two so far! While they are hardy then don’t seem to like an exposed site but they have enormous potential. They are quick to grow and given a few years can produced hundreds of fruit.

We are not going to take up the offer to plough the plot. Although it may save a lot of time I think that it is good to get intimate with your soil and to find out where to weeds are. We have found quite a lot of couch grass roots so far! Also the soil is so nice on our plot that you can pull the weeds out really easily and it doesnt need much doing to it.

I am looking forward to being able to grow sweede, celeriac, carrots and a few other crops that will not grow on clay. We met one lady down there who had grown some sweedes as big as my head - well jelly.

I have a system of sorts in that everything is grown in modules. I sow seeds in a pot or trays and then pot up into small square pots and then I only actually plant them out when they are big enough to survive the slugs! I very rarely sow direct into the soil but some things like carrots and parsnips are the exception.

@kat.standlake.point Your plot looks amazing and very productive. Hopefully we can do as well as you are doing!

Hope to see you both down there!



My plot is 52a. Will be pleased to meet you all there.

Re. Plot looks nice - photos were take at its best look and time))) Interestingly, the plot performance is never the same. Sometimes we work really hard and the results are not as good as expected. The year before the last, we hardly worked on it and the results were amazing, we had like 30-40 kilos of cucambers, lovely cabbage. The last year we started really well but the ending of the season was not as good as the start. Very temperamental hobby))


@Foresthillnick you’ve killed 2 kiwi trees!? :smile: I have one in the garden that produces some fruit but they never fully grow or ripen - it is against a fence mind you but as I am end of plot I can maybe shelter some better there than in the middle, though I have the trees all around already. I think it is called ‘Jenny’ and is self fertile, but I think needs more room and possibly would do better with some other plants.

Thanks for the other advice - I would like to try carrots as well as I’ve never been able to grow then either (though in my case this is down to me not the soil!)

@kat.standlake.point I agree with Nick - you have laid down the marker! If I do half as well as you this year I will be delighted!

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Went to view one this morning. Will get keys next week. Very excited and a little daunted

Congratulations! But it is hard work)))) I remember when we started our patch, the first year was very hard to clean, i used to fall asleep on the step of our shed… It felt that weed and turning the ground would never end (the first year we dug the ground by hand, then we decided that we would not play heros and got the tractor to do it). First two years were hard, then it got easier - less weed, softer ground, better understanding what and when to do things.

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Hi Cara

I viewed mine last week and got the keys today. Everything I’ve read and been told is to not try and do it all at once, and attack it in blocks, and then get something growing in those blocks you’ve cleared, it looks like you have some areas you have worked, so tackle those first, decide what you want to plant there, and then start tackling the rest. It’s a marathon not a sprint I think is apt!

Here’s mine below, As you can see I’ve only cleared a small section today (and I’ve only really tuned the earth over) - there is lots to do - I doubt I’ll do the whole plot anytime soon but a few hours each time on the key bits will have it changed quite a lot in a few months time (I hope!).

I’m going to try to get some potatoes in soon once I’ve cleared the ground - I believe it’s quite useful to start off with as you clear the ground as they grow so goo d for taking over a plot.

Good luck - there’s lots of useful information out there if you need it.

Edit - did you get one of the Lewisham ones in the end?

Thank you for the advice. It’s at kent house road - I registered on their waiting list as well last year and someone pulled out last week It became available. I thought I’d be waiting a lot longer so very pleased to get one. It’s a good location for us as we are at the bottom end of Perry Rise and a nice cycle to it along the river.

Thank you - yes trying to be realistic as to what we will manage and I’m sure I’ll be after lots of advice from the neighbours!

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Oh great - the earth appears to be really nice here and everyone I’ve met seems very friendly so far.

I also thought it would be years before I got a plot - I think it’s such a big site they always have quite a few plots coming up each year. I met my neighbours who are new plot holders today, and another lady who also got her keys today.

I’m in plot 1 right in the corner - feel free to come and say hi if I’m there!

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We had a lovely day down there yesterday and are getting it sorted. As I have said it is a pleasure to dig but about a fifth of it was covered in membrane and gravel so that has been a challenge.
Here is is as it as when my wife took it on last week.

Managed to get one bed cleared

Yesterday we managed to move a ton or so of gravel and move a few fruit bushes…

It is such a lovely place - makes me want to forget work and just dig


Did you dig it over, or remove the weeds after loosening the soil, or both, or something else entirely?

We remove the weeds as we dig it over. The soil is very loose so they come out easily. The only issue is the amount of couch grass root on the edges but mainly the weeds are annuals so they aren’t hard to get out. The end of the plot will be a different story I think as it look as lot more overgrown

Would those with experience be up for starting a thread with advice on what you are doing when? Am reading up and there is lots of advice on various sites and dedicated groups but wondering if a local perspective would be helpful. Could also include seed swaps and so on?


Good idea - done!


Hi try to share a garden locally, instead of waiting on endless allotment waiting lists. Visit our site and see what’s available near you.

Hello, I started as I was waiting on endless allotment waiting lists. Visit our site and see what’s available near you.