Allotments available?



So for anyone else looking at this thread, here is what I found:

Applied through Lewisham for the max 3 sites as allowed

Blythe Hill - 186 on the waiting list
Hurstbourne Road - 79 on the waiting list
Priestfield Road - 63 on list

I also applied for 2 private allotments in Lewisham.

I then applied for a variety of allotments in Bromley through as well as a couple of in Southwark (Dulwich really).

Most are fairly non-committal on waiting list times \ list other then saying no chance this year (this is not a criticism by the way. I’m sure people have better things to do with their time, like looking after their allotments!).

Anyway, I decided I would apply for any within a 15-20 minutes drive. Most sites were full, but some suggested they may have space next year and some of their waiting lists clear quickly, and better than that I was offered a half-plot on one site within 2 days of applying. Now it’s a small side and the other end of the scale to something like Kent House Leisure Gardens, but I can start and learn tomorrow. I’ve got it on a 1 year trial basis due to the distance, which suits everyone - worse case for the allotment I’ll clear the plot for them (or someone else) and best case I’ll be there for years. I’d ideally like a bigger plot closer to me, so will see if anything else comes up next year once I have some experience under my belt.

Dorset Road which looks amazing I made it to 20 on the waiting list, which I thought was surprisingly low for such an amazing looking site.

Anyway, I guess Lewisham looks diffcult, Bromley if you are prepared (or can) travel a bit seems a better bet for the short-term. The private Lewisham sites may be better but I don’t really know.

Good luck anyone else - hope the above helps a bit!


I applied in early June and am 71 for hurstbourne and 60 for Priestfield so seems a lot of applicants over the summer. Also applied to one in Bromley that would be on my route home from work but didn’t want to go too far so it would be easier to maintain regularily should I get one.


I guess allotments look nice in summer, full of produce, nice and warm to walk around - I suspect the waiting lists go up less quickly in Winter!

I think the Lewisham ones I’ve applied for will be 3-4 years at a minimum (the initial post here is not that promising!) so I’m prepared to put in the extra time until anything comes up (and it could be longer of course) - but I want to get stuff growing for my 2 young children and I think it will be good for all of us to spend a few hours there each weekend (or just me if it’s raining \ they are bored senselless!)

Good luck with your applications!


Thank you - good thing is as most will have applied for multiple sites when someone gets one other lists they are on will free up a space. Have a small garden so growing smaller crops for now so the wait will hopefully help me get a bit more practise.


Just came back from our allotment site (rent day) and asked managers how new members can apply. They said new people need to go on our website and fill in the application form

Probably the best time now to apply, they can see now who wants to carry on with thier patches and who gave up.


I imagine there are lots of people who would be interested in this sort of sharing!


Not really :slight_smile: perhaps there are too many plant killers like me :). Are you interested?


I applied in the summer and have just been offered a plot - not sure which size yet but will find out this weekend. Looking forward to being on a big site with a store, toilets and a bbq it appears, as well as some people who can give me some advice!


My wife got one at KHLA yesterday. A really nice site and the people we met were really friendly. As you say the facilities are also really good so she is looking forward to getting stuck in. Plenty of advice available there as well and just holler on here if you need anything specific


Wonderful! It is a nice place in many ways - from available and very reasonably priced seeds and allotment equipment, fertilisers, machinery to the very friendly management, plot holders and the peace you get when you are there.

Yes, we do have barbecue and competitions, including plot competition and onion, pumpkin competition. But I just like my patch for that relaxing and peaceful environment I get when I am there. Good luck to all who applied!


Thanks @Foresthillnick - is that site the Kent House Leisure Gardens? If so I went to the open day and it does look amazing, but it’s not the site I’ve been offered.

I will hopefully get one at Kent House Road Allotments, which I think is the one @kat.standlake.point is at, which I’ve not visited before.

Am looking forward to it. I have a small plot now on another site, but it’s shaded and has lots of couch grass, though I’ve cleared a couple of beds out, though have a much better understanding of the work involved now. It would feel better to be clearing a site out that will not be shaded however (hopefully!)


It’s the Kent House Road Allotments where she has got a plot (or will have next week). We went over to look yesterday and were shown round. A really good setup - nice site hut, area for BBQs, Site shop, car park onsite and nice plots too with actual soil (my site is a clay mine!). The lady who showed us around was lovely and we met a few of the committee who insisted we have a cup of tea…
OH is very excited - She has a shed!


Great - sounds excellent - looked at the plot map and it looks good - glad to hear it is! I’ve only been to a few allotments, but everyone I’ve met on them seemed very nice and seem very up for a chat!


I got my plot on Sunday - well I will next Sunday officially. I think I may have passed you and your wife in the car at the entrance by the massive puddle on the somewhat potholed road, as I left and you arrived.

I’ve got a 9 rod plot (plot 1!), right in the corner which has it’s pluses and minuses. One plus is the fact as it’s in the corner it has over 10 mature (mostly plum I am told) trees. The plot is not in bad condition all things considered and looks like it will get a decent amount of sun.

Need to plan the plot now - one thing I wanted to ask you do you grow grapes at all? I’d quite like to grow some or kiwis, if I can fit them into my plan.

I may see you or @kat.standlake.point down there one day!


Congratulations! :+1:


Thanks Kat - any tips on what I should or should not grow there (eg is there no point with tomatoes as they get destroyed by blight etc?) - no worries if not, was just wondering if there were anythings that are typically lost causes on this site.


What good growing on our patch: beatroot, onion, cucambers, courgettes, carrot, corn, cabbage (any kind), potato, beans, even tomatoes (you just need to treat them regularly and start treatment early, some crops can be saved), kohlrabi… had difficulties with aubergine and peppers, but one small type of aubergine was successful.

Some people buy manure (u can order in the shop on site) and spread it all over the plot. We did once like that and had so much weed, so since then we feed plants only, not all over the patch.

The best practice for us is to pay some money to plough the patch with the tractor. We clean the grass and one of our managers comes on the tractor and turns the ground. Grow your own plant from seeds, it is cheaper and you know what you are growing. Trim the trees if you can to keep their branches at bay. I dont do it ‘professionally’, i just work on the plot because love and enjoy the proccess very much))


Thanks Kat - this is really helpful!

I also didn’t realise there was a tractor! Not sure how it would get to my corner though without taking out half the plots on the way there!


You are welcome))),

have a chat with our managers in the shop about the tractor, alternatively you can hire, for few pounds, a hand-held ‘plougher’(- i have not tried that one yet)) and do it yourself.