Allotments Enquiry: Age and Gender Proportion

Hello. Everyone. I am a graduate student from the Architecture Association School in London. I am doing a project about allotments and community gardens. I need the information about age and gender proportion among plot holders or people on the waiting list for my project. Could you please leave your gender and age information if you own a plot or you are on the waiting list? Your private information will be secured because I just calculate the proportion. Your answer will be really helpful. Thank you so much!

Wouldn’t you be better directing people to some kind of survey software, where they can see your ethics approval and the information is secure?


And some background about the purpose of the project - e.g. what hypothesis is being tested.

If appropriate, I could create anonymous poll(s) on the forum to collect this information?

Would need to know the age ranges you’d prefer e.g. 18-30, 31-50, 51+, and whether you’d like two or four separate polls (age/gender x waiting/owner)

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That sounds like a much better way of doing it!