Almost the weekend, any plans?

Looks like a weekend of mixed weather, so this one is definitely not one to make solid outdoor plans for by the looks of things.

Bit of running and cycling for me I hope, maybe even a little garden clearing. Hopefully I can work around the weather.

How about you?

@Liz_Hall is competing in the Blenheim Palace Triathlon… :worried:


Aaaah well, at least her plans include getting soaked at some point anyway lol
Good luck @Liz_Hall :runner: :swimmer: :bicyclist:


Thanks @anon64893700. Exciting to get my new bike out for its first race :blush:

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Woohoo, excited for you :slight_smile:
Hope it’s feeling good.

Go kick some bum

It’s my birthday today (Happy Birthday to me!). We are going to Craft in Greenwich tonight for the seven course tasting menu (as seen on Masterchef. Hope none of them are cooking tonight).

Catching up with the gardening tomorrow, barbecue on Sunday, weather permitting. Otherwise keeping things low key as eldest is about to start her A-levels and youngest is struggling with chronic migraines and needs to REST.


Happy Birthday indeed - hope you get some nice wines to match

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Happy birthday @RachaelDunlop! :tada:

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I hope so too. Eldest, who has recently passed her driving test, is not looking forward to picking up tipsy parents from FH station later. What goes around comes around, as they say!


Happy Birthday Rachael :gift::balloon:

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Very best of luck Liz :biking_man::biking_man::biking_man:

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Happy Birthday indeed @RachaelDunlop Hope you are very well looked after, and start using that FitBit properly soon. FitBit is not short for “Fit Biscuits in your mouth” lol

Hope the eldest feels better soon :slight_smile:

We got some great wines, and also a light mead to go with the first course of crackers and charcuterie and a homemade green walnut liquor with one of the dessert courses, which was EXTRAORDINARY. Adding in the two white wines, one dry rosé, one red and the dessert wine and I’m feeling a little less than fresh this morning.


@Liz_Hall is in third position in the Blenheim Palace Triathlon after the swim stage - doing well so far! Let’s see how that new bike works out (cheers to @anon64893700 for showing us how the brake lock works!)


Woohoo, wherever she finishes she is a winner :slight_smile:

No problem mate, glad to be of assistance.