Already stockpiling for Brexit?

Sainsburys at 8.30 this evening on the way home from work. Has anyone else noticed that the shelves are being restocked less and less frequently?

I guess I should be grateful for the solitary burger!

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This was the result of refrigeration breakdown today. Should be better tomorrow. Carbonated drinks and meat in general are in low supply supply and less shelf less due to the C02 shortages. All this before Brexit!

All - can we keep the main forum free from Brexit scaremongering / Brexit cheerleading, please.

Brexit discussion goes in @general_politics. Thanks.

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It is possible that the stockpiling is for nothing more sinister than the zombie apocalypse.

I should point out that if CO2 runs out and i don’t get my cola then the zombie apocalypse may be closer than you think.


More on the CO2 shortage here (and since CO2 is used in meat processing, this is the cause of the meat shortage too):