Amazing University Hospital Lewisham


We are so lucky to have such a great local hospital. Mum went in by ambulance this morning and I ended up in A&E as well. All staff are wonderful and give such a great service. It was well worth going to all the demos and marches a few years back to save A&E. Just a shame so many people moaning there.


I’d also love to give a shout out to the amazing doctors is the paediatric ward who were so caring and took their time to reassure us when we had to go there a few months back for our toddler.


It is a superb institution, spent nearly a year going back and forth after my motorcycle accident. Suite one staff are fantastic. Both kids were born there and the youngest had a lot of help when she was born premature. Can’t fault the place.


I too have to give them credit for their work. Lucky to have such a place to keep me functioning, albeit badly lol.

Must say I was disgusted at the attitudes of some people in there. Their expectations far outweigh their worth.

It’s had a bad reputation over the years, but time after time with my ongoing issues they have been brilliant. Seen me in an acceptable time, and usually with a good outcome.

Never understand people who moan about the waiting time. If you need help, surely you can wait.


Liz and I have both had to use the urgent care centre at Lewisham Hospital and it’s been pretty good both times.

But there are some awful local punters using it - one guy was doing a drug deal over the phone while pacing up and down menacingly in the waiting area, and it looks like others are there for the wrong reasons.

I think the problem with a service given free-of-charge, is that people feel a sense of entitlement to it and lose the sense of how much it costs to provide, and how much of a sacrifice people are making to work there (at wages that aren’t fair). Lewisham Hospital is a real asset to the area. It deserves better than the demographic that (ab)uses it.


Some pretty strong statements there, not backed up by a whole lot.

Walk in to any A&E in London, or anywhere for that matter and you will find people with mental health problems, substance abuse problems etc. who can cause havoc. The staff are used to it. For most people who visit once in a blue moon, I can understand it’s a bit shocking.


Wasn’t shocked. Just saddened. The staff shouldn’t have to be “used to it”. And we should be more shocked about it.


I spent nearly every day in Suite One for a year, I think Chris is pretty much much spot on. Drunkenness, mental health and people who just really dont care that people are trying to help them. I saw security at least once a week and the police about the same, nurses being attacked both verbally and physically, and still they carried on.

I was still shocked a year on.


Completely agree 100%. They saved my life. King’s is world class also. We are so very lucky to have the NHS.


I hope both you and your mom are well.

Thankfully I’ve not had to use the facilities of Lewisham Hospital yet (knock on wood). As LH is now my closest hospital I am thankful to the many who fought to retain their A&E services.

Both of us have had to use A&E on a few occasions in the past. In consideration of the pressures A&E departments are under, I am always amazed at the level of care that I receive and how the nurses handle the department through their triage skills. When I have been most in need of quick care, I’ve been seen to almost immediately. When emergency care was needed but the urgency was not so great, I’ve suffered too through hours of waiting, but always with the confidence that a professional would help me soon.


I have to say such aspects are indeed part and parcel of the service. If you spend enough time there, which unfortunately I seem to (sorry for using up all your taxes), you can see how they have been considered and worked into the operation of the place.

Just adds to the amazing levels of respect the staff who work there deserve.

There will always be exceptions to the norm, like a couple of adorable ladies we met yesterday, but for a service that is there at all times, ready to save lives and make us well again. One which is in such high demand, by both those seriously ill, and those who don’t understand the other services available, they are bloody amazing indeed.

Waiting is frustrating, especially when you see people who you deem don’t need to be there. But sometimes it’s hard to read. I can’t walk properly at the moment, but was not there yesterday for myself. But that didn’t stop a nurse offering me assistance, as I looked like I needed it.

I totally agree with the sense of entitlement comment. And think that applies to so many things, and is the cause of many of societies issues these days. It’s my favourite word right by now.


My exact sentiment mate, couldn’t have put it better. I’m there as I need help, if that’s going to take a while, no problem.

Well said. But saddening and amazing how quickly we lose sight of the good work they do 24-7 as soon as something goes wrong, someone waits too long etc.
Thousands of people each year live following an event which 10 years ago would have killed them, yet people still find reasons to moan like, it takes too long.
Well toddle off home and die quietly then please! Ungrateful people!


A couple of years ago a friend of mine had to write a letter of complaint about her experience at Lewisham hospital. It was quickly picked up by a number of newspapers and you’ll see she got an apology from the chief executive of the hospital.


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Just to wholeheartedly agree with you @Baileysmum and hope you are recovering. I’ve just had surgery there today which I was very apprehensive about so I couldn’t believe it when this thread popped up last night - very reassuring! I am now recuperating but am just full of admiration and thanks for the staff there. Everyone I encountered was just lovely - very professional but friendly and put me at ease…amazing. Thank you Lewisham Hospital.


Best wishes and a speedy recovery.
I’m there myself tomorrow for physio, and @Baileysmum 's mum is being discharged.
Amazing place, amazing people. We are all very lucky.


I agree - I had amazing care, lovely people, and incredible outpatient care since I was ill earlier this year - at no cost, no stress about paying, and no rush to send me home until I was well. As far as I could see, the people who moaned were often those wha own actions had brought them there in the first place. Or if they have experienced better, faster free health care elsewhere, I wonder where? Not in any country I’ve lived in…


Beautifully put @annekennedy. Could not agree more. So easy to moan and grumble.