Amazon Deliveries - Bag dumped on corner of Bovill/Garthorne

Just a warning if you are expecting Amazon packages today. A net bag with a number of parcels for different addresses was dumped at the top of Bovill/Garthorne.
I have contacted Amazon and sent photos and apparently it’s also been flagged by another driver.

If anyone was also expecting two wireless headphones, and a Samsung phone from Amazon, I have just found the empty boxes in my front garden in a black bin bag. I will contact Amazon etc too.

Have you kept the parcels or is Amazon going to collect them… I think I’m due one…

Is there not an actual name and address on the packaging?

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There is a separate thread on Se23 mums. It was flagged to an Amazon driver who removed the bag with the packages.

I wonder if they can track the driver who dud this & sack him with immediate effect. As as Paul mentioned before, who were they to be delivered to?

It could have been stolen / yanked out of a van while on delivery.