An idea for a weekly user story: ‘My Top 5 favourite things to do or see in SE23’

Following on from the Timeout story here Lewisham, according to an (almost) lifelong Lewisham local it could be fun to get some more local perspective. Perhaps a weekly blog, submitted by forum members.

Would anyone like to volunteer to go first? Pick 5 sights, or local businesses and submit a blog style post with pictures and a short description of each - maybe a good way to discover a few local hidden gems and hear some good stories. Please form an orderly queue :slight_smile: or let us know what you think.

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What about profiling a local business of the week? Perhaps this can be pinned to the top of the forum and help create some new business or collaborations etc. And perhaps profile of the week for somebody local looking for work. I’m just thinking about maximum value in the current climate :slight_smile:

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Yeah those are great ideas - re local business we could try to get a customer review but maybe like reportage style with a short chat with the owner for example.

People might not want to volunteer that they’re looking for work, but again in principle that could work.

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