An Introduction to Philosophies of Modern Life

This course is an introduction to elements of philosophy that have influenced much day to day thinking about how to live, what values are important and how to tackle pressing issues of our time. We shall consider questions such as: The individual is surely important but can the individual be too important? Do we need more of a sense of community and what sort of opportunities and dangers might that present? How far can our evolutionary inheritance help us to understand our present and future prospects? We may believe ourselves to be rational with the potential to solve many of our most pressing difficulties, but how reasonable is this belief in itself?

The course does not shy away from controversy, nor does it offer clear answers as such but it does afford students the opportunity and the skills to think through questions by the careful use of evidence and argument. The course assumes no prior knowledge of philosophy at all but it is a valuable introduction to philosophical thinking and application.

Fee: £81 (full) £54 (concession)
Starts: Monday 25 February
Ends: Monday 1 April
Time: 6-8pm
Location: Brockley Rise Centre,
2 Brockley Rise,
Crofton Park,
SE23 1PR

To enrol please email

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