Annoying helicopter

Sounds like it’s directly above our house in Honor Oak, and has been for about 20 minutes. Need to sleep!!

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Yeah super annoying! Been trying to find out what is going on but nothing so far. Saw a police car cruise past just now also and I hear a toddler crying - awesome!

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Think it was a police helicopter looking for someone- it was VERY loud! Gone now. It was going over either side of Brockley Rise nearish Dalmain School I think, maybe a bit further up hard to tell when in the sky.

Hope nothing too bad but helicopter was very loud

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Was on Cranston Road - guessing was serious, hence why a helicopter was being used.

While the helicopter was hovering above Perry Vale, we saw at least 4 police cars moving fast down our street. They were obviously trying to find someone with help. It’s a shame that the MPS helicopter doesn’t have an active twitter account any more - they often explained why they were in a particular area, particularly late at night.


It was really noticeable over Perry Vale - not complaining as I am glad that the police use these, especially with the rise in moped riding criminals.

I was able to track it using this site: and this link is specifically for the helicopter that was hovering last night:


In the light of day, I also hope it was nothing serious, and am very glad that the police have the helicopters.

At midnight when we’ve just got our 1 year old back to sleep on the other hand…


That’s very cool. Is there a way to look at the historical data as in the route it was following last night?

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Registration G-POLH - that’s NPAS all right.

It did seem particularly loud last night, maybe because of the wind? Or perhaps it was just making the wind being right overhead :laughing:

Three sets of police cars were in hot pursuit of a vehicle travelling along Vancouver Road from the Catford end towards Forest Hill end 5 minutes before the helicopter. We assumed they were related. They were travelling at quite an impressive speed.


Rather cryptic message from Perry Vale Police on Twitter - “Don’t listen to the rumour mill. Approx 11pm 23/2 vehicle made off from police, 4 decamped on Cranston Rd, 3 arrested#PCSOAndrea😊” (


I have not found one, but did look. Last night it was all over the area between the South Circular and Perry Vale if I remember rightly. This website seems to show the police helicopters, whereas FlightRadar24 does not. Some googling suggests that police helicopters can choose whether to transmit this information or not, so not sure whether it works all the time.


I’m not trying to be rude or funny here… But it’s a helicopter. They’re big, make a racket, are expensive to maintain and provide an essential service. Besides, given who obviously owns it, I doubt the MET pay much consideration to whom it may disturb (besides criminals) when the situation on the ground calls for its assistance.


That’s fair - I don’t think anyone was really complaining about it though other than in jest. It was strangely loud last night though.

Maybe it’s amplified sound in lockdown as many other background noises are not around and less traffic etc.