Antic Workers Campaigning outside Sylvan Post



Predictable bit of union-bashing from the OP. Poor stuff really.


Pauline, I work in retail and Sunday is considered a normal working day, therefore a 5 day working week can be any combination of the 7days of the week.
Sunday working does not command extra pay in any of the shops in the west end.
You can however opt out of working sundays on religious grounds


Christmas Eve evening, all day Christmas and NYE evenings should be pay and half at least.


You say bashing, others may say discussing.


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Others may.


Reading: - Its clear that as well as double time they are demanding the living wage as opposed to minimum. A bit naive IMO as if there’s one way to immediately piss someone off in life its to “demand” something.

If you choose to work in a pub for Christ sake go in with your eyes open - the shifts are unsociable and the money is generally minimum wage, it is what it is.


Please, please, please can someone campaign on our behalf. The company I subcontract to has been chucked off a job in Mile End, meaning we/I won’t have immediate work to return to after Christmas. We get paid way above the minimum wage, take time off whenever we want and get pissed out of our heads together on a Friday night. Genuine post. PM me for the developer’s contact details so we can get our contract back.


Can we keep things on track please.


It may or may not come down to contracts - it just depends what the contract says about shifts and pay. There may have even been an option for the staff to take collective action (ie all refuse to work the shifts in question) without the publicity, although this requires trust in each other etc.

If ones contract states ‘if requested you will work one NYE’, then, imho, one probably should (for the standard rate). But that seems like a pretty tough contract (since they are not committing to giving you the shift, but expecting you to).


I don’t think there is anything special about NYE - it’s a normal working day. So unless the contract makes special mention of it, then there should be no special expectation.

New Year’s day generates an extra Bank Holiday, and Bank holidays may be specially treated by a contract, but they can also be just normal working days unless stipulated. Worst case, you could even be required to use annual leave allowance to cover bank holidays if the business is closed:


Many years ago, when I worked as an usher in a Theatre, on what would now be called a zero hours contract, Mondays to Saturdays were normal shifts, but you got paid extra for Sundays and Bank Holidays. This was good for staff, as they got extra money, and good for the Theatre an people actually turned up on these more unsocial days and you effectively were asked or asked to do the days. Everyone was happy (the pay was still terrible mind you!).

That said if your job is shift based, and you know the shifts when you sign-up it is what it is, but I would say Christmas Day should be an exception, and I’m surprised there is not some form of amicable arrangement re that.

I suspect there are much better ways to resolve this, but it’s hard to say without knowing much more about what conversations have been had.


That’s a good point.