Any allotment or back garden fruit/veg growers here?



Damn I hate that. I have an enormous cherry tree and most years the birds get most of them - there one day and then the tree shredded the next. Oddly though every now and then they leave them along and we get pounds and pounds of them. Our foxes don’t seem to do much damage and they keep mice and rats at bay although the squirrels run riot at times…


A few photos as promised:

a. Grape vine in greenhouse (apologies for the night time photo \ flash)

b. Sweetcorn

c. Cucumber (best to chop them down when a bit smaller I think)

d. Plums on tree in container earlier in the year


On my site we specialise in DIY sheds. Some of them are so ramshackle they hardly warrant the title of shed but for your delight I present

Crap Sheds of Barridale









Love this sheds, very very pleased to be getting my own one soon. Just a heads up, reading through some of the earlier posts it is apparent that slugs feature for all the wrong reasons. I have used Nemaslug to great effect, cannot be more positive about it.

My new shed. Not been cleaned out but am assured it will be when we move into our new home.


Shed envy - that looks like a real shed!

Yes Nemaslug can be great and there is no doubt that it works - I have used it in the past myself. On allotments you really need to convince you neighbours to use it too and you need to keep applying it through the season or the slugs just wander in, have a nibble and wander off again. It doesn’t seem to do much against snails but slugs are the great enemy on our site.
Might have to have another crack with it this year but my neighbours plot is all overgrown and riddled with slugs - luckily I am on the committee so we may have to send him a strongly worded letter!


Had the same issue with our neighbours garden being overgrown at one stage, a liberal application and the issue went away. I may have inadvertently sprayed next doors garden as well :slight_smile:

Happily next door is now well under control.


There is also another shed, but much smaller and hidden in a corner behind undergrowth. I plan to put a comfy chair and beer fridge in there.


Just to clarify, were those photos taken before or after storm Doris?


Especially shed! 3


Storm Doris actually caused £100s of improvements to our site!


Unfortunately shed three is no longer with us (nor is the owner but his demise wasn’t related to that of the shed)
He “accidentally” burnt it to the ground when he realised he couldn’t actually open the door anymore…

It was quite serious - we had to call the FB. Tom denied everything of course.


A failed attempt at growing self-roasted courgettes?


Looks like some beautiful plots and produce we have in Forest Hill…

Is anyone interested to “share” an allotment? I’m aware of the waiting list system to sign up for your own, but would quite like to share the work with someone else. I’m committed (financially and in terms of time!) and have done a lot of gardening, though not a huge amount of veg-growing beyond runner beans, salad, potatoes and courgettes…

Please get in touch if you’d be interested



Welcome to the forum, @Danny_Hubbard - we have shared your request on our official Twitter account, and hope you find a local allotment partner


Good luck with this, but you need to appreciate that sharing allotments often looks like either:

  • Someone wanting to jump the waiting list, or
  • Someone with a plot, not managing to look after it properly, but trying to avoid facing up to the fact. By rights they should be giving the next person on the waiting list their long anticipated opportunity

I am no longer on an allotment committee, but when I was, these were the reasons we were always sceptical about informal sharing arrangements.


Hi Tim,

I appreciate that it may look like that - but I’m new to the area and due to work commitments don’t want to sign up for an allotment myself to avoid exactly the problem you’ve identified, which is people not being able to manage the work required to have an allotment.

I think sharing an allotment would be a great way to get to know someone else and to share a common interest, and would still encourage anyone who’s looking to share to get in contact.

Thanks for your advice



The glut starts here…


And here


BTW, for those who do not look at the Sydenham Town Forum

GARDENERS! We are looking to organize a plant swap in Sydenham. The idea is simple: on a given day, green-fingered enthusiasts will be invited to bring along seeds / cuttings / plants or edibles they would like to share. These will be presented together; anyone who brings something to the table will be able pick something else.

The gardens in the neighbourhood look amazing: there’s clearly a great pool of local gardening talent here. SPE could be a fantastic opportunity for gardeners in the area (and beyond) to get know each other while exchanging plants, tips and ideas.

We are looking to launch SPE with a “harvest-focus” event in September at a date and venue TBC. However the project only makes sense if residents feel that this is something which could be of interest - and gardeners come along with green goodies.

Do you have seedlings / cuttings or any garden products you would be ready to share? (It doesn’t have to be many). Would you be interested in coming along to a plant swap? Perhaps even in giving us a hand setting it up? If so please drop us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Coline & Alex

About Us

Coline Milliard (Beaulieu Avenue)
I caught the gardening bug as soon as we moved to Beaulieu Avenue. My enthusiasm compensated (somewhat) for my utter lack of knowledge and experience. Four years in, it’s still very early days, but I’m more passionate and keener to learn than ever.

Some of the plants I grow: roses, mini-kiwis, cucamelons, purple haze carrots, raspberries.

Alex Gray (Hyndewood, Dacres Rd)
Similarly it was the novelty of having a garden (and then a small allotment) after having moved to the area from Central London that got me really into the whole growing/eating thing.
I am a keen cook so the chance to cultivate and experiment with vegetables not usually found in the UK has piqued my interest in gardening.

Some of the plants I grow: salsify, summer squash, chard, french beans.

and my comment:

Alex has approached me about this already, and I’m definitely in, and I’m going to see if the Field Study Centre and yard at Daces Wood could be used.

I’ve already done a great trade with Iris at Grow Mayow this year, getting a tray of pelargoniums for some of my spare seedlings. Most years I have grapevine and gooseberry cuttings to go, as well as surplus seedlings in spring, such as, this year, squashes, gherkins, cucumbers and winter savory - a personal favourite.

Oh, this year, I’ve also got gladioli flowering from second year corms, by which I mean at the end of 2015 they were just cormlets next to a main corm, and which last year I just grew on, without any flower appearing, and now this year I am getting flowers.


I have a broad bean question. I have had a lot of good tasty beans lately and some of my later plants still have nice looking flowers on. But, I have a feeling that the season may now be over and nothing will come of these flowers and I should just dig them up and start with something else. Am I right or does anyone here think that if I leave them, they will just keep on going and make bean pods ?

Any ideas/guidance out there ?