Any allotment or back garden fruit/veg growers here?



Tricky to say really but they are not that keen on the the heat - More than likely you are looking at diminishing returns and if you need the space I would say - take them out. I take it that these were planted this year and not last autumn?


Thats right Nick. This year.


I’d agree with Nick. I’ve grubbed up all mine, and am about to plant out purple sprouting broccoli where they were.


hmm, I have heard that following legumes with brassicas is the right way to go.


It is often said but I don’t follow hard and fast rules with rotation. PSB is of course a brassica and would benefit from any nitrogen deposited by the beans but I am not convinced that there is much N left in the soil once the beans have gone to seed.

When the grain from a grain legume crop is harvested, little nitrogen is returned for the following crop. Most of the nitrogen fixed during the season is removed from the field as grain. The stalks, leaves, and roots of grain legumes, such as soybeans and beans, contain about the same concentration of nitrogen as found in non-legume crop residue.


Interesting. I also dug in my last two bags of rotted horse manure.

My main concern ATM is that the pigeons will attack them, although the cavallo nero is doing OK now, so maybe they have found something else to go after. I’ll net them before winter, because by then some nice tasty PSB will be very attractive to cold and hungry birds.


Yeah I net all my brassicas now - normally the kale is left alone but a lost a whole row that was nibbled to the ground by pigeons…


Does anyone grow garlic, onions or shallots? I decided to try this year and have planted some of each from sets at the start of October. They are growing more than I expected already and I guess it’s been pretty mild. Has anyone done this before - do I need to do anything when winter comes?


The raised bed with everything



I planted mine out a couple of weeks ago (onions and garlic) and they have shot up. No need to do anything over winter really, just let them be until Spring when a bit of general fertiliser will help them on.
I have had really bad garlic crops recently - rust and white rot seem to do for them but I am persevering!


Thanks Nick. I’m hoping I’m ok re disease as these are in the garden and I don’t think anyone near me grows any - I guess on the allotment disease is more prevalent. I got a small allotment on a plot I am steadily clearing however the raised bed I did and planted as above (without cover or grills) got completely turned over and ransacked by the foxes. …


It does tend to go that way - carrot fly, white rot, alium leaf miner, rust, blight etc - but with good rotation and hygiene it can be alleviated to a certain extent.
Good luck with he garlic.
Here is what can be achieved - a mate in France grew this lot…


I have a roof terrace so everything I grow is in pots. Please to report my best year this year. At least 100 tomatoes from 2 plants in a Butler’s sink, sugar snaps, carrots, strawberries, raddishes, lots of herbs, bay leaf trees too. I’m growinfbgarlic this year for the first time, any tips grateful received and any recommendations for other winter crops that can be grown in pots would be great too!