Any companies that will remove sofas?

Hi can anyone recommend a company that will remove a couple of sofas for me? I was going to use Lewisham Council’s large item removal service but they don’t have a slot until next week and I have new sofas arriving this week!

I can’t donate or freecycle, because the leather seat cushions are ripped on one of the sofas.
The other one is a sofa bed which is in fair condition but a few years old so not sure the charity places would want it. So I guess I need some sort of waste removal company?

Many thanks!

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Have you asked your new sofa Co if they will take the old ones away. Ours did.

Yes it’s John Lewis and they only remove old sofas if you have placed your order in store, not for online orders.

I used a local waste removal company a few years ago although for the life of me I can’t remember the name. Not cheap, something north of £50. But quick and efficient.

Some charities shops will collect sofas for free

Had a rubbish to go card through the door. No idea if they are any good or not.

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Freecycle it! People will be desperate for extra seating at Christmas. Search ‘Freecycle Lewisham’, sign up and offer it. Have shifted a lot of stuff recently.


Thanks for suggestions! I have managed to get rid of one of them on Gumtree - but that was the good one!
The other one has ripped cushions so I doubt anyone will take it.

I have used these guys when I was moving house to get rid of loads of stuff. Very quick and efficient. Bit pricey but they came on the same day (I was probably lucky they had an open slot).

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Good morning all

Does anyone have any more up to date recommendations? We have a large (ugly) wardrobe that we inherited with our flat. We think it will fall apart when taken down so no good for recycling (Although if anyone is in the market for a broken, ugly ikea wardrobe, you are very welcome!).

Many thanks

Good morning @Estelle_Lauren!

Have you tried the Lewisham Council large item collection service? I think it’s something like £20 for up to 2 large items, though the website isn’t taking booking right now due to a ‘technical issue’:

Thank you! I did look at this actually but recalled that last time I looked at it (some point earlier in the year) it had the same message and well, I’m not ashamed to say, the cynic in my thought Lewisham might be ducking out of the service. :wink:

I shall persevere and keep you updated!

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So long as they have the fire safety certification tag on them and are reusable the British Heart Foundation will collect them for free and if you are a taxpayer you can Gift Aid the donation so they can get the tax back on the sale price.

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If it doesn’t fall apart then the homeless charity Emmaus will collect items that are in a saleable condition for their shops. The nearest one to Forest Hill is West Norwood where they also have a separate second hand furniture superstore.


You never know! Some people may want to upcycle!

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Anyjunk will take a sofa away but it will cost you £36