Any mums due in October/November?

Dear Mums to be,

My name is Bruna and I am psychotherapist student - at Birkbeck’s MSc Children and adolescents psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy.

I am currently looking for a mum who is due in October or November. Could you possibly help me?

A very important part of my learning is the infant observation I am required to do. For one year or eighteen months(starting at the baby’s first week or so) I will visit the family’s home for one hour a week.

The aim of this, is to simply observe and learn from the baby’s development. I will obviously do my very best not to interfere with the baby’s (and your!!) routine.

I would be happy to provide you references from my tutors and from my current employer (I have been working for this family since 2015, looking after their two adorable kids).

I am aware this is a big ask, but I would immensely appreciate your help. My email address is Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Bruna Toriello