Any plans for The Hill?



The space I saw was the old Miss Moneypenny next to tattoo shop and opposite Coop. It was hard to look past all the mirrors (think it was a boutique fashion shop before) and imagine how it could be. I didn’t get to go in Waters so not sure how big it is. However, Miss Moneypenny is £15,000 a year and is probably a 1/4 of the size so as a new business I would need to start small and Waters would likely be way out of budget. Miss Moneypenny had an upstairs (I’m 5"3 and had to crouch to stand up up there so no chance for theatre above, I’d probably just live there (and at present only a rickety ladder to get up there so not suitable for customers). I popped into 2 Girls cafe in Peckham after to get some inspiration from their zero waste section and now wondering if a cafe and zero waste shop combined could be the way forward. Coffees are a higher value item so wouldn’t have to sell so many units to make it financially viable and it takes up only a little space. Also, slightly worried that it is a little further from the station so potentially not as much footfall. I will check out Zero Waste shop on Nunhead Lane and one in Elephant and Castle for more inspiration soon.


IMO - this would be wonderful!


Completely agree. Add baked bread and you’re onto a winner :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh and I don’t think the location is out the way I along with many others walk past daily on commute home/ nursery pick up and drop off. I think key would be opening hours that extend for a commuter coffee in morning and pick up things on way home.


There are other unused units too- no idea its status but the unit opposite(ish) St. Davids (the one with a Walrus painted on it!) has been empty for years…


Think this would be really successful if things fall into place for you. Good luck! Although I do fully think the market for what you are intending is best in FH I’m sure it would be successful in other nearby areas should there be nothing appropriate/affordable in FH. Literally have no idea about costs of things but imagine it’s a difficult one of balancing up passing trade/location and cost/size of premises. Just hope you get something up and running in FH or elsewhere as everywhere needs more environmentally focussed shops (and community arts spaces if you can squidge one in lol). Good luck!!!




Wasn’t the one with the Walrus on it a Blue Mountain Coffee Shop? I think it didn’t work because there wasn’t enough footfall going past. A dodgy road to cross too.


Oh wow, just read that Sugar Mountain is to become a zero waste greengrocer, Rhia - does this scupper your plans? Look over at the Sugar Mountain Is Closing thread…


That’s fantastic news! Mmmh, yes would scupper my plans but just happy that we’ll have one. It could allow me to focus on theatre and vegan cafe so…win win x


Lovely attitude Rhia!
You are absolutely the right type of person that Forest Hill’s been crying out for.
I wish I had another place for you.


sounds like a great idea but 15k rent for a tiny shop like Miss Moneypenny seems excessive.
What about the old Santander on London road? if you want a vegan cafe that’d be a great site on the corner of Havelock walk and next door virtually to Canvas and cream but offering something that doesn’t compete with them




Really pleased to hear that you are looking to open a vegan cafe and theatre and it’s great that FH is getting a zero waste market. I can’t wait to support small business’ like yours that are paving the way for a sustainable future!


I noticed this has just been posted on the door of The Hill, so its back on!!


What even is the variation !


Advert fro Pub Manager


"…You will receive 18% of the weekly turnover to pay yourself and your staff - be rewarded as a true reflection of your work ethic. What’s more you will also have a place to call ‘home’ with our pubs including private accommodation. You will require a £500 bond, to begin your business as a self-employed pub manager…"

I had no idea that pubs worked like this.


Yeah me neither - fascinating. £500 bond is interesting too.


Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum. I have lived in Forest Hill for two years now and am very keen to see Dartmouth Road reach its full potential.

Finding a tennant for the hill is of course key to this but I have found out a few things about the Craft Union Pub Company which make me think they will do anything but improve the area.

Craft Union Pub Company/Enterprise Inns are actually Ei Group PLC. ( It is worth reading their Wikipedia entry - I won’t witter on here, but they appear to be a property company that deals in public houses and tenancies. In the short term (and from looking at google reviews) this could very easily mean the landlord/staff being treated unfairly, a badly run pub by people who have little experience etc etc. In the long term I suppose it means that Ei Group PLC would sell it at the right time to the best buyer regardless of what is best for the community.

I don’t want to appear pessimistic, but as local people I think it is important to be aware of what is really happening in the area. At a time when craft beer, real ale and local brewers are booming, it seems such a shame that the way in which pubs are run is so often the obstacle in creating the right environment.