Any recommendations for a good short haircut for women?

In the last 18 months, I have gone from long to mid to short hair. And discovered the hard way that hairdressers who are perfectly capable of trimming a cm or so from longer hair, aren’t always good at cutting stylish short hair - particularly when it’s quite thick.

A chap at age ddes did a great job on the colour but the cut didn’t match it. I’ve tried someone closer to work at Victoria the last few times but seem to walk out with slightly varying lengths of the same cut that’s ok but not that killer do.

Any suggestions? I’m on the verge of looking mop like!

Blue Tit in Peckham.
all their stylists are really good.
Its just on Rye Lane the 197 bus stops outside.
Ive been going for a year having had many hit and miss local cuts

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Thanks Max. First look is good. Will see what availability they have - fingers crossed!

Ian at Linda’'s Hair and Beauty 503 Lordship Lane is really good. Think he’s going on holiday at the end of the month. He trained at Harrods and was with Roche Hairdressing in Lordship Lane for around 20 years until the owner retired.

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Let us know how you get on - I go to Shoreditch for my pixie cut as I trust them, but would prefer a more local option!

I have booked at Blue Tit for tomorrow at 5pm

Will report back in!

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Jo at geddes

Pleased to report back that it was a great experience. The salon is quirky in its decor, plays good tunes and offers wine or beer in addition to the usual tea or coffee.

I had a great chat with stylist before she started and it’s a lovely cut. Great attention to detail around neck and ears - and care in taking the density out. Final
proof will be in how well it grows out a bit but at the moment, I’ll definitely be going back.

They have a salon in Brockley near the station too.


So glad you liked it.
They’re so nice in there and I love that when you have a cut they offer free fringe trims-which as a fringe wearer is super handy!

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I deeply appriciate reading things like this x

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