Anyone else having issues with Virgin today (Saturday Nov 7th)

Anyone else without any Virgin broadband or TV? Status says fix estimated for 6.20 pm today. Which is annoying as there’s a live event I want to stream tonight at 8. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by then but not at all hopeful, given past experience.

Yes same issue. No Virgin broadband atm

Cheers @ThorNogson. If it’s a widespread issue hopefully that means they will fix it faster.

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Nothing for us too on Waldram Park rd.

I got a text from Virgin to say estimated fox is now 10.00 tomorrow!

No virgin internet and limited TV service. I thought it was to be fixed by 6.30 today but have now realised 8th is actually tomorrow, meaning that they estimated it would take over 24hrs to fix…

I wonder if it’s a wider issue affecting more than just Virgin? I’m with TalkTalk and my broadband has been unusually unstable and dropping in and out several times a day for the last couple of days.

Mine’s up and running again now.

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Oops. Forgot to give an update earlier. Mine’s back on too. Got a text at 03.30 to say they had fixed whatever the issues was.