Anyone got an old bath?


I’m looking for anyone getting their bathroom done this week or next and may have an old bath being thrown out. I am wanting to use it for a screen printing project. It doesn’t matter if it’s metal or plastic. Please get in touch.


It may be worthwhile checking


We have one in our garage, been sat in there for about three years. Damaged rim, got replaced but never returned nor skipped. Welcome to come see if it’s suitable, it’s had a fair amount of paint tins etc stored in it. We’re on Cranston Road.


Hello ! Thank you that would be amazing - could swing by anytime this weekend and if it’s suitable I will have a van next Saturday 22 to collect if that would be ok
Thanks linda


Hi there -

We’re just about to get rid of one - it’s a ginormous old roll-top and weighs a ton, but if you can come and get it (and get it down the stairs! - you’ll need at least two VERY strong people), then it’s yours.

We’re on Garthorne Rd.


Thanks for the offer but we now have found one!


Ok no problem!


Hope you got it back ok!


yes thank you - our arms are a little longer !

thanks very much for the bath it will be put to good use !


Would love to see the results some time, if you’d care to share.


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