Anyone had a PCR test in Catford recently?

Just wondering if anyone could share how long it took to get results if you’ve had a PCR at the drive through testing centre in Catford. Currently waiting for results and keen to know how many days I might need to rearrange work. I’m 99% that the results will be negative and it’s just hayfever but not able to send kids to school with a cough so we’re all at home until test results come back.

Had one last week. Got results in an hour.

No idea I’m afraid but can you not do a lateral flow test (unless you have already of course). Think if that is negative kids can go to school.

I didn’t think hayfever symptoms were the same as Covid generally so hopefully you are negative.

Good luck.

Think that must be a lateral flow test as I think PCR tests need to be sent to a lab and / or are not that quick, unless you are about to correct me…

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Thanks! As my child has a cough, we need to have a PCR negative vs a Lateral Flow negative to be allowed back to school. I’m pretty sure it’s just a cough due to nasal drip from hayfever (ugh sorry for grim description) but we’re all stuck at home until we get the test back :frowning: And I could really do with being in the office tomorrow so i’m just trying to figure out if there is any chance of getting it back in 24 hours (they did the test this morning).

PCRs I’ve done in the morning at the Molesworth Street carpark site came through by SMS just after 7am the next day. Hopefully you won’t have to wait long for confirmation :crossed_fingers:

It took around 2-3 days for me to get my test results back from the Crystal palace centre when I’ve had to go get tested.

Ah yes correct it was a LFT.

A month or so ago our 3 year old had a PCR test from Catford in the morning, the negative result came through at one in the morning so we could send him back to nursery the following day.

Thankfully negative. It took 30 hours from test to results. :grinning: