Anyone had any issues with local Forest Hill traffic today? It's gridlock!

All day today the south circular has been a bit of a mess, plus Thorpewood and Dartmouth Road are backed up.
Looks like it’s a knock on effect of Honor Oak road being closed for resurfacing and one side of the horniman triangle at the same time!
Anyone else been caught out by it?

Had to park my car around Kirkdale as there was no way or reaching FH unless you were willing to sit and wait for an hour…

Possibly a spillover from Sydenham. I hear that Jew’s Walk is closed at the junction with Kirkdale (for roadworks?) and there has been a road closure all week at the Kirkdale/Sydenham Hill roundabout.

Yes I got caught out by this yesterday. Just popped up to the library, seemed busy but not too bad. I was parked on Thorpewood and by the time I came out 15 minutes later the traffic was backed up all the way up Thorpewood as far as I could see. I was worried I would be stuck as there was absolutely no way to drive up Thorpewood, but thankfully a kind person let me pull out and do a 3 point turn so I could get back to Dartmouth Road. I took the Sydenham route (had to abandon the idea of doing any shopping in Forest Hill) and yes Jews Walk was closed too. Seems like the various road works had not been coordinated or the implications not thought through…