Anyone have a Gazebo they would wish to rent out to us?

We have some family staying with us this weekend for a BBQ and determined to stick with the plan despite the weather being against us. Does anyone have a small gazebo they would be interested to rent to us for Sat/Sun? Very happy to collect and pay cash upfront

I’ve got one. It’s quite small though - covers the grill plus a couple of people, I’d say. You can borrow it if you want. No cash needed.

That would be amazing and thank you!! Is there a way to private message me your address on here and best time to pick up tomorrow?

Before noon tomorrow should work well. I think someone (@ChrisBeach?) needs to enable PM’ing - will send you my address then.

I’ve upped your level which I think means you should be able to message now - any issues let me know.


So pleased for you that the weather is so far proving to be good for your celebrations, Hope you are having fun.

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