Anyone up for a game of table tennis?



I live locally and am a very keen table tennis player. Is there any place in Forest Hill, Honor Oak or close you could recommend for a game of pong? I am also looking for a game partner, should be an intermediate or advanced player. Any tips or ideas welcome!


Recommended shops and services in SE23
Table tennis in the park

For days when the weather is nice there are tables in Dulwich Park. I don’t know of anywhere closer though.


There are, or were, some in Mayow Park.


I used to play a lot when I was supposed to be working for a council and got pretty good but haven’t played for years.
Have you looked at - not FH but SE…


There is also one in the Horniman Triangle play park


I think that Peckham Rye park has some in the adventure playground.

This site has a search facility:

There are a couple in Warwick gardens too (SE15).


Hi Karol
Hi there is table tennis club on Friday nights (7-9) at Forest Hill Boys school (sports centre)
All abilities are welcome and I did go with my whole family for a while.
(Kids now prefer to go for Octopush)


Maybe we can arrange a tournament on Dartmouth Road when the Road is closed :+1:


Thanks for all suggestions, some of them are really useful to me. Everyone who recommended playing in the park, I am sure it’s a lot of fun at lunchtime, but not what I am after at the moment. You can’t play on a decent level in the park because of the weather conditions (mostly wind) and some tables are not in a suitable condition either, not to mention lack of a proper net. What I was after was more amateur sports league.

The fusion TTC looks very promising!

I wish these outdoors ping pong tables were sheltered with a plexiglass or something similar to shelter them from wind. Table tennis is a game of skill not chance!

@MajaHilton you made me aware of octopush now, maybe I should just change dissciplines:) Thanks for this suggestion, do you know how much is the fee for playing?

@Pauline great suggestion, great occasion for a street party indeed! OFF TOPIS: What is the goal of the works that are about to start?

Thanks again for all replies and suggestions!



@Karl_Ove: Re the Dartmouth Road improvements: Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration


I used to be a dab hand at the game. My back hand smash followed by an arching slice put the fear of riley into my family. Or at least that’s what it felt like as a 9 year old.


Someone used to organize a ping pong evening every week (Thursdays, I think) at the Goldsmiths Arms. Not sure whether theyre still there.


Hi Karol
I am not sure on exact money but compared to other activities we get change from £10 when 3 of us do it. (2 kids + adult), and not much more for all of us.
Both sports have similar charges.

Octopush club has some equipment to lend and the first session is free.

Good luck.


Suggest you also try Dulwich Table tennis club -



I’d be up for playing on Saturdays if that interests you? I’m an intermediate player (though it’s impossible to know what another person’s standards are) Have you looked at Dulwich TTC? Playing outdoors is never really fun.




I might be a little bit late on this action, but i also live locally and i am looking for someone/somewhere to train with/at. (I dont mind playing in the park for fun tho…)


Hi Tarek,

thanks for getting in touch. I haven’t yet looked at the Dulwich TT Club but will do this weekend and will post info to co-ordinate further!




They a small group in corfton Park they meet on Wednesday nights 8-15 till 10pm at st hilder church hall cost £5


Thanks James.

Does one just turn up or is there a sign up online somewhere?


Please feel free to just turn up first night will be free … we have for mix ability of players l. We use 4 tables.