Anyone want to sell us their house?!

We’ve been looking to buy in Forest Hill for the last 7 months. We’ve just lost out on our second property (vendor pulled out) It’s been an emotional rollercoaster!

We have a healthy budget and are looking at the roads around the Horniman.

I approach we’re in a lucky position to be be able to be on the property ladder, but really, what does it take to buy a house around here?!!

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Maybe @BMSE23 might be able to help you out with this, he’s a local independent Estate Agent & a lovely guy.


Have you tried Taymount Rise and the roads off it? There are a couple of houses on the market there (although one has been on the market since November 2016 so I suspect there is a story behind that!)

theres a lovely one for sale in forestholme close off taymount rise, I believe It was near to completion then the purchaser couldn’t sell their own home, or buyers pulled out or something.
Its a lovely area to live in and very friendly…and no…i’m not the vendor !

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Taymount Rise is ace! Don’t be put off by the steep hill.

Hi there, quite a few mums on the facebook group SE23 mums are looking to sell their houses directly.

Thanks Daisy - this is really useful.

Thanks Pauline - I will get in touch with @BMSE23.

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Thanks Pauline and Hi Bandy, feel free to give me a call. More than happy to have a chat and see if I can help you. 02086995139.



I know this doesn’t directly help you, but we had the same experience. We bought our house about 18 months ago and it was surprisingly difficult to find the right property, there is not a great deal of turnover of quality at a certain level in the area, which reflects the reported news that people aren’t moving. It doesn’t surprise me given it’s generally positive experience being in SE23.

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