Anyone with a vintage car want to give me a lift to my wedding?!

Hi everyone! I’m getting married on Saturday 10th August, and wondered if there’s anyone reading who owns a classic/vintage car, and who might be able to pick me and my dad up from HOP, and drive us to the wedding in Beckenham?! I’m very happy to pay - but the classic wedding car websites I’ve found charge at least £350 and since it’s only about a 15 minute drive, I was just wondering if there might be a better/more economical way to do things locally!! Other option is Uber (that’s how we’ll be getting home!), but it’d be nice to do things with a bit more romance!

Congratulstions. Not a lot cheaper but I’ve seen vintage taxis used at weddings before.

Or theres always camp and kitsch. Aiden Kent the singing cabbie would get you there with a smile.

Hope you find something fab for free.


For our wedding a few years ago (admittedly not in London) we hired a classic car and drove ourselves. It was a really nice way to get some time alone after the wedding (my dad drove me to the wedding in it). My Auntie and Uncle picked it up the day before and dropped it back the next day which they enjoyed too.


Did you know that the Singing Cabbie has a Forest Hill connection?

He’s one of my old mates from back in the 80s when we used to knock about in the Railway Signal and Malt Shovel (more recently known as The Hill).


On Brockley view between lowther hill and duncombe hill I’ve seen some lovely vintage rolls being polished up. Could knock on the door and ask


Thanks all!! :kissing_heart: