APCOA parking fine at Bridge Leisure Centre


Has anyone used the Bridge Leisure Centre and received a Parking Charge Notice from APCOA? I’ve had two in the last 2 months . I paid the first one as I couldn’t be bothered to deal with the hassel of appealing but this time I am considering appealing on the grounds they don’t have the legal right to charge me fine as a private company.
Does anyone have any experience of APCOA. There’s lots of discussions online about appealing tickets but nothing recent I. E. 2017 and I’m not sure if the law has changed on this recently.
Any info would be helpful.


The law has changed recently. Google Honest John FAQ on the subject.


Lots of Info but no definitive answer. I don’t want thugs banging on the door after I ignore the letters and phone calls for months.
The only law change I could see was for Scotland 2017, but no indication that applies here.
And neither the Bridge Leisure Centre nor Lewisham have a clue on what to do about the tickets! Hopeless!


I wouldn’t just phone them.

Things like these are so annoying. You have to spend your time to save some money, and since time is money it’s easy to end up worse off than if you just paid upfront… but then there’s principal.


Try https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/legal/parking-tickets-private-land


How did this end up? I just got a similar one at Bellingham leisure centre