Are local charity shops open?


Are local charity shops in Forest Hill open - I’d especially like to know about the one nearly opposite Forest Hill Pools (Aldlife I think).


Sue Ryder and British Red Cross both open


Aldlife has been when walked past. Do have limit on how many inside. Couldn’t comment on exact opening hours but yes it is open

Brilliant thank you. I find they price things affordably which for me is how I remember charity shops (hopefully still getting enough money in of course) so we always give our things away here as well as getting things for the kids - though we have refused to let them buy things we have given that are on sale!

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Thanks John - good to hear they all seem to be back up and running.

Remember to check if they do gift aid. Then can raise even more from your donations. I know Red Cross & St Christopher’s do. Really simple, swipe card and you get a letter once a year saying how much they have raised from your donations.