Are Post Offices still open?

Thanks for this. I was hoping the post office was still open. Have some jigsaws to send to a bored person.

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Standalone post offices should still be open e.g. Sydenham (not that I know if it is), the issue with Forest Hill is that it is in WH Smiths. I went in yesterday to post something and they were struggling with the queue which had everyone 2 metres apart. Unfortunately due to the layout of the shop you had to be close to people going up and down the stairs etc. It was unrealistic to keep everyone distanced enough. Add to that the post office staff told me last week that whether they open or close is up to WH Smiths management, not the post office. I don’t blame them for closing.

Perhaps you should try sending board games instead? :upside_down_face:


Thanks Paul R - may try Sydenham. And a good groan to ForestHull. If no joy may send them in a series of jiffy bags and find the pictures on tinterweb.

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The post office in Brockley Rise is closed. It’s a stand alone. Why???

The government guidance makes an exception for post offices and also says the postal service will continue to run. The Post Office itself also says it is doing all it can to keep branches open:

It could just be a local staffing issue?

You should try the alternative - Parcel2go
There will be couriers who collect from you at home and others who work with local shops as your drop-off point - and usually MUCH cheaper than the Post Office!

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Thanks Anotherjohn. Will check it out.

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According to this notice posted by W H Smith on Twitter and Facebook it seems Forest Hill should be open as it provides post office services!

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just found Shannons garden centre closed. Thought it still might be able to trade as so much of it is in a wide open space and customers could be brought in one at a time like other places. But no. No luxuries like plants, greenery, flowers. All closed up.

Garden centre retail premises are closed. But Shannon’s is trialling a local home delivery service - they ask that you email them with your requirements, and said they would post up a list of new stock on their Facebook page. I spoke with them a few days ago and they were expecting delivery of veg seedlings etc on Tuesday/ Wednesday.