@Armadillo stepping down from the mod team


After a year of helping steer the SE23.life ship, @Armadillo (Simon) is stepping down as moderator.

Simon made a massive contribution to running our forum, particularly in the “deep end,” with our opt-in categories @Ethikos, @general_politics and @moderator_actions. His modding of contentious topics has been admirable, keeping a cool head, an even hand, and communicating brilliantly with members.

Simon also made his mark on the Forest Hill street art landscape, shaping the SE23.life design vote, and coming up with the brilliant idea of the walrus on our mural.

Thanks for a great year, Simon!


You will be missed.


I hope it was nothing I said, @armadillo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for all your efforts - many of which I was unaware of until joining the mod team.

Enjoy chilling out on the drinking side of the bar!