Artificial grass/turf recommendations

Afternoon all,

Looking to do up the garden soon and jump on the artificial grass bandwagon. Does anyone have any recommendations? Looking to get an area of 3.5m x 5m done. It will also need to be dog friendly. I know B&Q have some products in store which I’m going to pop down to later on. Thanks.

Hi, we obtained about 20 samples and went for Namgrass. Our grass is about to be discontinued but I believe their Serenity grass is similar. We had it done 3 years ago and it is as good as new and feels really nice. It can get warm in direct sunlight but can be hosed down if needed. For a small garden it is great especially with decking either end and sleeper boarders especially if the area is 4 meters or less in width as you can avoid a join. Our friends have used the same and are equally happy. They had it fitted by an approved company by Namgrass and we used a building company as we combined it with other works. I can send a picture.

Love to see a pic!

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Pretty great looking. Is it nice to lie on?

Hi, yes it is nice and soft and it looks more realistic when it has leaves on it - I just hoovered.