Artists: Ignition Brewery’s space is your blank canvas




Artists are always being asked to work for free because the job “will give you exposure” or “we can pay you in kind.” It doesn’t pay the bills. And I’m sure it’s annoying for any artists right now which might read this offer, particularly as they still have to put forward creative ideas even to be considered.

So for any thinking that I’d also point out that Ignition Brewery is a non-profit social enterprise which seeks to provide work for people with learning disabilities. So a worthy business to be involved with despite the lack of pay.

I don’t think that was part of the notice.


Passing on this info from another poster and not an artist of any sort but can totally understand your point of view for sure.

I do know that a lot of the advertising for ignition now they are up and running is without the info on the learning disability aspect of the enterprise. I work with adults with LD and had a chat with the owner when in one night and the general thought/feeling was that they want to run it as a normal brewery/bar business and to normalise the fact some of the brewers/staff/front of house have a Learning Disability. I assume that’s why it’s not in their blurb or advertised on anything at the bar itself, only as part of the home website and crowdfunding site. Thought might be interested to know!


That is really interesting. Thanks. I can totally see their perspective because ultimately a business needs to stand on its own merits. I’ve been once and am looking forward to going back because of the atmosphere and the beer.

In this case I thought it would be another interesting fact which might encourage some artists to give it a go. That said… i quite like the white.

PS… I’m not an artists either. At least not the type I’d like to be.