Asbestos Help

Help, our gardeners have downed tools and left as they found some old asbestos/concrete roof tiles buried under the cement they were removing in our garden. We know that if its removed into the correct bags it can be taken to Lewisham skips to be correctly dealt with but they are not insured apparently to remove it. We can’t do it ourselves as (a) we don’t recognise asbestos (it’s localised) and (b) we don’t have the power tools to dig it in

Any helpful suggestions please!!

Asbestos in London is arranged by The city of London. Look at their site and you will find an on line form. As long as you are under (I think) 30 m2 they will arrange collection. The details of packaging with thick gauge plastic bags and associated details is clearly laid out. I did this a bit over a yea4 ago. I have since found a bit more so I have to wait until the year is up as it’s one pick up per year. Price is free to you. Clearly this makes sense as we don’t want people fly tipping asbestos!!

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Thanks, i think our concern is - as you say - we bag it up ourselves but we don’t get it all and the gardeners come back and stop work again if more is found halting all progress!