⚠ ATM skimmer found in Sainsburys Honor Oak


Thank you for the warning Lillian. Funnily enough I was going to use that machine this morning, but changed my mind; just as well I did as I am just reading your post. I suppose Sainsbury’s are not interested as it is to do with the company that runs it. Although putting a sign across it would help, maybe they have by now hopefully…

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Take care - I don’t want to worry anyone but if that is a skimmer then I believe these devices are very valuable to the owners and they may well very much want to recover it. I would remove any traceable online ID that links it to you. According to the article below the skimmed info is on the device.


Because it’s potentially full of card details? Also because they don’t want the police to be familiar with the method and design of this particular skimmer which may have been expensive to develop.

That said, I estimate the value of the parts in that device are less than £100 though.

In Forest Hill there is still one bank offering an ATM that’s not on the street. I usually get cash from the Post Office as a more secure environment, also I want to support the last facility we have for depositing cash.