Attempted builder vans theft - Sunderland Road

I just witnessed someone try all the doors/locks on each of the vans used by the builders who are working on the house next door to us. Thankfully, they were all locked so he didn’t get entry to any of them. Once he had finished trying them, he then got into the passenger side of a car and drive off. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the number plate of the car. This was at 10.36 am today (Jan 12th). I spoke to the builders to let them know. Apparently, one guy has had his van broken into and his tools stolen THREE TIMES already outside the property since they have been working here.

Obviously, this is a targeted attempt by the thieves but I would advise anyone/everyone to ensure that any vehicles you have are secure.


You have to be the lowest of the low to steal the tools of someone’s livelihood.

It is great of you to have done what you have, thank you.

Any idea of the make, model and colour of car so locals can keep an eye out for it?


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good look at the car as it was obscured by another one but It was a black Mini with a chrome trim down the left side. It looked very new as it was quite shiny…

I have reported it online with the Met, so let’s see if they get in touch.

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Awesome!! Thank you.

Pleased to hear the person wasn’t successful in stealing anything.

Unfortunately though breaking into vans and cars used for business purposes in Sunderland Road and around the surrounding area has been happening during the night quite regularly for several years (one of my neighbours has had tools stolen out of his vehicle a couple of times) :rage: However this is the first time I’ve heard of it happening during the day. It seems strange to attempt such a thing in daylight especially as more people are likely to be at home at the moment but I guess they can be pretty quick if the they find an unlocked door.

I wonder if anyone on Sunderland Road has a video camera on the front of their property which might have captured the vehicle?

A tradesman was around our house last year and had his van ransacked 5minutes after parking it outside our house. The van was locked and so they smashed every single window and grabbed all his tools and possessions they could. His van was emptied within seconds. His livelihood taken from him for weeks.

This was on a busy road in broad daylight (9am).

Sometimes these lowlifes just really are brazen and nasty.

Police advised that this was happening regularly in the area, presumably by the same criminals. Although as the thugs on this post didn’t smash the windows maybe it was a different gang?

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Corr, sounds like they’ve followed him and waited for him to park up in order to clear him out that fast.

Absolute scumbags

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That’s a good point. Although police did say they had also ransacked a van around the corner. I think they just drive around looking for vans and then jump out, smash, grab, jump back in and off they go.

The police said it was a bunch of “kids”, i.e early 20’s, they were driving around in a Corsa type vehicle from memory.