Attempted moped theft



Morning. I witnessed an attempted moped theft this morning at around 7am at the junction of Como and shipman road. Two guys in there 20s, on another moped, tried to get a delivery moped started but legged it when I shouted at them. It’s been reported to the police but worth keeping an eye out, especially if you own one yourself.


I think I probably saw them pull out of Colfe Road onto the South Circular then…! Both of them wearing balaclavas? I had a feeling they were a bit… suspect. Maybe it’s just seeing two people on a moped is unusual.


Balaclavas and not helmets is VERY suspect.


Oh for sure - but they had helmets on too. And it was a bit chilly, so the balaclava wasn’t enough to ring the alarm bells.


Ah, fair enough.


I think two people on a moped is very unusual.


Both wearing balaclavas and on one moped. Interestingly the moped has now disappeared, hopefully not stolen!


Often the “getaway moped” is in itself illegal - stolen, no tax or MOT, etc.

This app/site is useful to check that (tax and MOT status at least):

Further variables mean this isn’t entirely a water tight process, but it helps add more detail to an already suspicious situation.