'Attention all residents' fly-posters

Found this in Bovill Road one hour ago

Hi @AlfgaiaLandscapes

I’ve removed the photo as I’m not sure we should have an unsubstantiated claim with someone’s name and address in the forum like this.

Happy for you to repost it with the name and address blanked out.

For anyone reading this it was a photo of a sign that referred to a man who allegedly who liked to stab women when on drugs, and gave his alleged address on Bovill Road.

I appreciate the sentiment was genuine in posting, but we need to be fair to all parties.




What time are we assembling with pitch forks? Anyone got a pitch fork spare? I lost mine at the last lynching.


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If I wrote the contents of this sign as a new thread would it be allowed to stand?

There are quite a few of them around, spotted them first on Saturday morning. They look a bit odd indeed and seem rather personal, but regardless it would be reassuring to know if there were any reasons for concern. Does anyone know whether police are aware?

I saw that someone tweeted the Crofton Park and Forest Hill police Twitter accounts about it, and the latter asked the former if they knew anything about it - Crofton Park said “We are aware”, which doesn’t really give much away.

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Whoever or whatever is posting these messages isn’t confident enough to sign them.

Confident enough in their knowledge, or their invulnerability?

I passed this on to the police yesterday. They said they would send someone to look at it.


I just tweaked the topic title to better reflect what’s being discussed rather than look like an actual call to all residents. Hope that’s good.


I hope the police will take the signs down and investigate properly (including veracity). Whether there is actually a local mad lady stabber, or this is the product of a disgruntled ex-partner after some revenge (or countless other variants) I’m not keen to live in a neighborhood which condones and/or supports this type of mob behaviour.

I recall the moderators have removed other posts which have made serious allegations against commercial operations. I’d hope there’d be no difference here.

I understand the concerns around these posters. No one is condoning the posters here or encouraging action against anyone. This topic is simply a discussion of the posters themselves and hopefully a positive outcome (such as a reassuring message from the police) will result, setting our minds at ease.

I believe you misunderstood the intent of my post. There was a suggestion by another member to transcribe the contents of the poster into a new thread, I had presumed with the name and address included. My comment was related to that.

Was meant to be a hypothetical question. I was surprised the photo of the sign was allowed here.

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To be honest, the whole thread should be nuked. The picture still exists in the edit history of the OP, so it’s not exactly hiding the information, except under a layer of obscurity.

@ChrisBeach (or anyone with the power to do so) would suggest selecting all posts in this thread, with the exception of the first two, and moving to a new thread. And then delete this thread. Maybe. Just my 2 cents!

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Well spotted. I’ve removed the edit history

Today I learned…! Certainly much less work than the way I suggested :slight_smile:

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