Au revoir - not farewell

I won’t be active here for the foreseeable future but my account remains, so I can be PM’d should anyone want to get in touch.


Does that mean you will not be attending the planned meet up ?
Oh sorry that seems to have disappeared like a lot of other threads.

It’s right here: Time for a meet-up?

I apologise, I did not see it when I scrolled down the page,must need new specs !

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Am also leaving. Sad to, as I’ve actually made friends and got some useful recommendations from this site.

I honestly don’t understand why peeps would want to leave this site as it’s great for our community. Remember everything you do online is collected by “cookies” which can look into all your online information. Much more than what this or any other local forum can.

I’m staying on here.


Useful information about “cookies”

As a regular who came back after a couple of months to find a lot of bad feeling on here, I can understand why people might be a bit put off. It feels a bit tainted by recent events. Having missed a few of the key posts during the time I haven’t been visiting, I don’t 100% understand what’s happened, and don’t really want to as if there are individuals who’ve been suffering as a result, I don’t feel it’s my business.

But the site plays different roles for different people, and I think some of those people might look at the negativity, mod-prodding and occasional snideness in recent conversations and think it’s veered a little off-course. The world is troubling enough without having to sort out genuine community insights and success stories from ‘heated debates’ and ill feeling.

Personally I want to drop in occasionally to get all those lovely local stories, new business plugs and recommendations - but fully intend to ignore anything that looks like it’s gone in an unpleasant direction. It seems like that’s happened too often recently.


I guess it’s hard for people to split the local community spirit from the alleged actions of the site owner