Babur been listed in the Top 100 UK restaurants by HardensBites

Well done to local restaurant Barbur who have been listed in the top 100 from Harden’s Best UK Restaurants 2020:

The full run-down can be seen here, with some interesting regional stats towards the bottom of the article:


I couldn’t see it the the list - did you mean The Barbary ?! :slight_smile:

It’s at 76


Doh my bad. I am surprised though. Though Babur is good. I’m not sure it’s top 100 in UK good! But maybe my foodie spidey senses are off.

I agree. Bunging a load of sweetcorn into a perfectly good lamb curry buffet might have been the clincher for me. Also, Bubbledogs the 8th best restraunt in London?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

Well done to Baburs for making the list: have eaten there a couple of times and was not let down. Though i cannot say the same for the take-away service which was very disappointing on more than one occasion

There are two Babur takeaways, which come from different kitchens. We generally got takeaway from the restaurant menu and it was excellent:

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