Babur makes London's Top 10 Indian Restaurants

Babur was Londonist’s #1 Indian Restaurant, and now has picked up on it, too:

Congrats Babur! :thumbsup:


Great, a well deserved award. We don’t go often but really enjoy it when we do.

Consistently excellent restaurant. We’re so lucky to have it on our doorstep. If anyone knows the owner, please ask him / her to join our conversations here on

End ad Ami are both fans of this site Chris ,great restaurant


Whenever I read about Babur, I get hungry! Love it.

I’ve never been able to deal with Babur food - so spicy it blew my eyebrows off. Even with an extra bowl of yoghurt added by the waiter to cool down my simplest, coolest, beetroot side dish I couldn’t eat anything. Left hungry and with my lips twice their size due to being on fire (no need for drastic Khloe Kardashian lip treatments - so maybe I should count my Babur visit as a bonus!)

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I am surprised by that as Mrsldrz used to have a real aversion to anything hotter than milk really enjoyed her curry. She obviously steered away from the hotter curries. She has now become immune to heat and is able to eat a Korma with ease :slight_smile:

That is odd as I have never had anything OTT on the spicy front from them at all. Not that I have been often but when I have I found the food to be rich and spiced but not that hot and like @Londondrz my OH is not partial to anything too high up the scoville scale.

I did have one slightly bad experience in there. A really busy Saturday night in October for my wife’s birthday. We had a starter, mains with beer and wine - start to finish 50 mins! Literally 2 mins after we ordered our starters arrived, followed in swift procession by the mains. Food was excellent but I do like to take my time (esp on a birthday) and it just gave a bad impression.
However I went back for the tasting menu at Christmas and it was great. My wife even went for the recommended wine for each course. Some were reds and she does not drink red wine at all - such was the excellence in matching the wines to the dishes she polished the lot off.

Their 100-hour marinaded lamb is an absolute diamond. It is quite spicy though.

@Foresthillnick - @Liz_Hall and I went to Babur for a quiet NYE a couple of years back and had the special menu with matched wines. Agree with you - amazing and would highly recommend. Making me hungry just thinking about it.

Oh. My. God. It is the most wonderful complex dish I’ve ever had. But I didn’t find it particularly hot. I guess different heat strokes for different folks. Babur delivery (the proper kitchen) is my selfish treat when the other (spice-hating) one in the household is away.


Babur is delicious (both food & drinks), and that is fact! Thankful to have it nearby. Their Sunday menu is really good value too for those yet to try… or those looking to try out alternative (perhaps less hot) dishes. You won’t regret it!

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